FCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker, Moka Pot, 600ml/20oz/12 cup Percolator Italian Coffee Maker, Classic Cafe Maker, Stainless Steel, Suitable For Induction Cookers

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Product Description

The best Italian style espresso maker

With the right ingredients you can make as good an espresso as a top barista. It is very easy to prepare after practising just a few times and the taste will tempt and delight you. The FCUS stove top espresso maker extracts the full flavour from the ground coffee beans in a traditional brewing process from the kettle up through the tube.

FCUS Stovetop Espresso Maker & Moka Pot


Available in 5 sizes, 2cup 4 cup 6 cup 9 cup and 12 cup, our moka pot is a stainless steel Stovetop Espresso Maker.

Many people prefer a stainless steel coffee maker over an aluminium moka pot.

Important details about the stainless steel coffee makerImportant details about the stainless steel coffee maker

FCUS stainless steel expresso percolator pot can be used on all types of stove tops like gas stove, induction cooker (glass top stove), electric coil stove, propane stove, etc.

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It’s ready for your homemade coffee break! Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, Macchiato and so on.

How to make a perfect italian coffee





Step One

To start, unscrew the top part of the espresso maker with the handle from the bottom part of the espresso maker and remove the funnel that nests inside the base of the espresso maker.

Step Two

Select a quality blend, suitable for the production of coffee for the Moka.

Fill the boiler up to the lower level of the safety valve, without exceeding it and using fresh water, possibly low in limestone.

Step Three

Fill the filter generously, without pressing the coffee powder, forming a small gutter and avoiding dust escaping on the edges of the boiler. Close the coffee pot, screwing the collector firmly onto the boiler and place it on the stove.

Step Four

Place the mocha pot on stove and cook for 3-5 mins.

suitable for various stoveup, gas stove, induction stove, electric stove, halogen stove and ceramic stove.

FCUS Professional Stovetop Espresso MakerFCUS Professional Stovetop Espresso Maker

☕CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Elegant espresso maker body through polishing design, three ring precision thread and imported safety valve to make your use process more secure. The advanced sanded handle has excellent thermal insulation effect, and the curve of the handle is ergonomic. The moment of use will bring you to the Roman restaurant in the morning.
☕TOP QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Made from food-grade stainless steel that has strong anti-corrosion and rust resistance, has superior longevity when compared to aluminium designs. High quality seals and steel basket/filter. Inbuilt safety pressure relief valve for your safety to ensure over pressurisation does not occur, make the coffee that makes more mellow, bring high quality coffee to you to enjoy.
☕MULTIPLE CAPACITY OPTIONS: 100/200/300/450/600 ml 2/ 4/6/9/12 cups: ( Standard espresso coffee cup is 50ml ) With a quick and even heating, accompanied by a strong aroma, FCUS’s espresso maker can make you a pot of 2/4/6/9/12 cups of gourmet espresso in just five minutes. Ideal for lovers or 2~3 familys to drink.
☕FUNCTIONALITY AND EASE OF USE: FCUS’s espresso maker is made of 430 food grade safe stainless steel, applicable to a variety of stoves including induction cooker,electric furnace, ceramic furnace, (suggest power should be under 1000w, FCUS’s electric flat cast iron heating plate burner for coffee pot is best), alcohol furnace and gas stove. Cool touch heat curved black resistant handle for easy comfortable handling straight from the stovetop, it can also be cleaned with a dishwasher.
☕Things you need to know: We always fulfill the 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, if there is any quality problem within 3 months, please contact us, and you will get a free replacement service. FCUS, never let customers down

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