Farmer Brothers Colombian Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee (6 bag/5 lbs)

Price: $180.00
(as of Aug 29,2021 13:13:41 UTC – Details)


The Medium Roast provides you with a deep and rich roast. This is the same coffee’s you find in most of your casinos and restaurant’s in the country! Their traditional coffees are the benchmark for great coffee, roasted and packed at the peak of freshness to deliver a complete sensory experience. From the rich aroma that says “good morning” to the balance of flavors that awaken the palate, our traditional coffees will satisfy your guests. All coffee is shipped in heat sealed bags – Roasted coffee comes in bags with one-way degassing valves allowing coffee gases to escape, but no air gets into the bag. This method keeps the coffee fresh much longer.

Fully roasted ready to grind
This coffee can be ground to make a perfect pot of coffee or you can grind it at home and use it it any coffee maker

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