Evergreen Coffee 53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper with Adjustable Height + Tamp Mat. Designed for the Breville Barista Express Pro touch, BES870XL BES870BSXL BES78VSS BES880BSS

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Product Description

Distribution ToolDistribution Tool

Distribution tool A+ 2Distribution tool A+ 2


Distribution Tool A+ 3Distribution Tool A+ 3

Evergreen Coffee ProductsEvergreen Coffee Products

Compatible w/Barista Express

Stainless Steel

Compatible w/Barista Pro

Pointed Spout

Compatible w/Barista Touch

Compatible w/The Infuser

Why Upgrade?

Bottomless PortafilterBottomless Portafilter

Dosing CupDosing Cup



Why Bottomless Portafilter

Contrary to popular belief, the bottomless protafilter isn’t just for looks. The open bottom allows you to easily diagnose your shot’s issues and correct them giving you a better cup of coffee!

“Channeling”, inconsistent sprays of espresso from random spots, indicates that your shot is not evenly distributed. These channels mean that the high pressure water is over extracting small channels of coffee, while under extracting the rest of your coffee. This will cause your shot to be sour and thin.

Why Dosing Cup?

The 53.5mm dosing cup is used to help reduce channeling.

To reduce channeling, dose your espresso grinds into the cup, place your portafilter up side down on top of the cup, shake them together, and then flip them, so that the coffee pours into the portafilter. This shaking motion helps break down any coffee clumps, caused by burr grinder friction. Eliminating the coffee clumps helps obtain an even extraction every time.

Why Distributor?

The distribution tool is another tool that works magic, in addition to the dosing cup! Simply place the distributor on top your portafilter/coffee, press down, and twist. The 3 blade fan design allows the coffee to be evenly distributed, helping obtain a perfect flat tamp. The opposite side of the distributor is a tamper. The depth on this tamper can be adjusted in order to dial in your espresso.

Make Better Coffee

Our main goal is to provide you home baristas with the tools and education you need to make better coffee. Please message us if you have any questions on your espresso tools or how to use them!

Compatibility – this 53mm distributor/tamper is designed to fit the Barista Express, Barista Pro, Barista Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser and Duo-Temp Pro.
Food Grade Quality – The Evergreen Bottomless portafilter Distributor is made from Non-Toxic Food Grade corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel.
Improve Your Espresso Consistency – The Distributor allows you to evenly distribute the coffee and get a consistent tamp by adjusting the height. This distributor will significantly increase your espresso quality.
BONUS TAMP MAT – We send a free bonus Tamp Mat with every purchase. The tamp mat protects your counter surface from scratches in the tamping process.
Lifetime Guarantee – You’ve invested in our product, so we’re also here to protect you and your investment. In our commitment to continue to support you, all of our products have a lifetime guarantee.

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