Espresso Tamping Mat By Barista Basics I 6X6 Inch Food Safe NBR Rubber Coffee Tamper Mat I Portafilter Mat For Baristas I Coffee Tamp Mat I Waterproof, Heat Resistant Tamping Pad and Tamp Station

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Do you or your staff do your tamping dirty work on counter surfaces that you’d like to keep clean and safe? Our 5″x12″ rubber tamping and packing mat, made from high quality, food grade rubber, is the tool for you. The only sure way to keep your counter tops looking shiny and new is to use one of these simple rubber tamping mats. The soft yet durable rubber build of our tamper mat creates a safety barrier between your portafilter, your tamper and your working surface allowing you to safely apply strong pressure without marring counters. Our new Espresso Parts tamping mats feature a firm yet cushioned work surface and a raised edge to help keep those pesky coffee grounds pinned to the mat allowing you to maintain a cleaner work space. Wood? Concrete? Granite? Marble? Our tamper mats will protect them all Stainless steel portafilter? Bottomless? Single spout? Double spouted? Triple spouted? Our tamp pads fit them all.
DESIGNED BY BARISTAS FOR BARISTAS: Designed and Manufactured by Espresso Parts, a proud supplier of America’s best cafes and competitive baristas. We’re a team of veteran baristas who have been in the cafe supply business for nearly two decades. We only sell products we love and use ourselves!
IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS: Our tamping mats are thicker than the competition to ensure your countertop is protected. We put a small rim around the edges to keep grounds on the mat where they belong and our coffee tamp mats stick firmly to your countertop. Cleaning is simple, just rinse it off and that’s it! (It’s dishwasher safe if you’d like to deep clean once in a while.)
WORKS WITH ANY SETUP: Our tamp mats work for any type of portafilter. Bottomless? No problem! Triple spouted? We’ve got you covered! You’ll find our tamping pads in cafes around the world – all with different espresso set ups.
SAFE AND STRONG: Our portafilter mats are made of food-grade NBR rubber, a material that is safe to eat off of as well as highly resistant to heat, oils and water.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re certain you’ll love your Barista Basics coffee tamper! But just in case anything goes wrong and you’re not 100% happy, simply send us a message and we’ll make it right. Easy as that!

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