Espresso Stirrer, Espresso Coffee Stirrer, WDT Tool Espresso, Espresso Tools, Coffee Distribution Tool, Wood Handle Needle Coffee Tamper 51mm/54mm/58mm, Easy to Stand with Flat Base

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The key to tasty coffee, in general, is even extractions. Making sure there isn’t some coffee that is being over extracted, causing bitter flavors, and some that is being under extracted, causing acidic flavors.

This is all the more important in espresso, where everything from water contact time to beverage size is concentrated down, exaggerating any unevenness.

The unfortunate truth of making espresso at home is that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to equipment, CAPFEI espresso stirrer can help compensate for those shortcomings by evenly distributing coffee in the portafilter to promote more even extractions and better espresso.


Q1: Can i use this with 54mm breville barista pro??
–Yes, you can use this espresso wdt tool on breville barista pro.

Q2: I am looking for a whisk to blend powder (powderec creamer and protein powders) to reduce clumping will this work for that?
–Hey, it is mini espresso whisk to break up clumps, you can take a try.

Q3: why not just use a fork?
–Fork point is rather thicker, which is not easy to break up clumps of finer coffee grinds, espresso stirrer wire is thinner, coffee distribution will be better.
☕【Improve Extraction Efficiency】 Needle Coffee Distributor can help to expand the stirring area to make perfect extraction, using needle coffee distributor can have more fat and better quality.
☕【304 Food Grade stainless steel】The needle coffee distributor is made of food-grade Stainless Steel, eco-friendly and non-toxic, more sanitary and safer.
☕【Not Easy to Scratch the Filter Screen】Use arc-shaped needles, Not easy to scratch filter cup
☕【Smooth Wooden Handle】With Ergonomic Design solid wooden handle for a comfortable grip and provides stable handling. The smooth and smooth texture does not hurt your hands and feels comfortable.
☕【Easy to Clean】 Our coffee tamper distributor is packaged in a separate carton. It only needs to be rinsed with hot water when it is disassembled. After stirring the coffee powder, there’ll be no excessive stickiness, so there’s no need to worry about waste.

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