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Start the day right by brewing your perfect coffee. ⭐ The premium espresso moka pot produces a rich and delicious cup of Italian coffee. ⭐ It is beautifully designed to complement your coffee moments. ⭐ Easy to use and maintain.
⭐ THE ART OF BREWING ⭐ The Moka Pot Espresso Maker is made of perdurable food grade anodized aluminium. It is led-free and non harmful. Hence, the taste of coffee beans, ultimately provide a smooth and rich brew from this beautifully crafted stove top precolator coffee pot.
⭐ TASTE OF JOY ⭐ Your enjoyment of the Espresso is all within your control. The Moka Pot is easy to assemble for brewing, dissemble for ease of washing. In 150ml capacity, the coffee maker allows serving of 3 cups of Espresso, anywhere, anytime. Just the right size to minimize wastage of your precious coffee powder. Quality brewing is key.
⭐ LASTING MOMENT ⭐ This coffee maker is stove top friendly, except for induction stove. Apply small to medium fire flame for your brewing to prevent over burn. A good brewed coffee takes time, enjoy the moment and sip your coffee at ease.
⭐ SAFETY PRIORITY ⭐ The in-built safety valve allows pressure to be released from the compartment. This will prevent any overflow of coffee, brew with piece of mind. The ergonomic handle provides comfortable, sturdy grip during your serving and pouring. The knob on the top allows lifting of the Moka Pot cover easily.
⭐ EASY STEPS ⭐ [1] Fill the bottom chamber with water up to the bottom of the safety valve. [2] Fill the funnel with fine ground coffee. [3] Assemble the top compartment tightly. [4] Place the Moka Express Pot on the stove. Brew with small to medium fire flame. [5] Enjoy your Espresso

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