Espresso Machine Laekerrt 20 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother Steam Wand, Professional Espresso Coffee Machine for home Barista (Pear White)

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Product Description

laekerrt espresso machinelaekerrt espresso machine

Espresso machine Smoothie Blender Cold brew maker

20 Bar 300 w Patented Automatic Brewing System

Espresso / Latte / Cappuccino Juice / Smoothies / Protein Shakes Cold Brew Coffee / Tea

italian baritalian bar

20 Bar Pump Ensures Best Brew Each Time

Equipped with an Italian made 20 bar pressure pump, this clever machine ensures high stability during the entire extraction and transforms every single ground coffee into aromatic, rich in crema espresso every time.


Making Steam Milk Foam

1. Turn on the machine

2. Insert the steam nozzle

3. Spin the steam knob

4. When done, twist the steam knob back

5. In case of blockage, clean the frothing nozzle right after making milk foam


How to make your coffee





Step 1: Add Water

Add water into water tank, do not exceed the Max line.

Tips:The water level should not exceed the MAX line.

Step 2 : Load Ground Coffee

Load ground coffee powder into filter while preheating.

Step 3 : Install and Start

Install the portafilter and press the espresso button.

Tips:Please install the portafiler tightly.

Step 4 : Enjoy

Place a cup on removeble Drip Tray.Wait for the coffee to drip and enjoy!


【PROFESSIONAL ESPRESSO EXTRACTION】 Equipped with an Italian made 20 bar pressure pump for a perfect espresso. All the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction. The high stability ensures to reach the perfect balance and smooth tasting espresso every time.
【PERFECT TEMPERATURE】 Equipped with a PID precise temperature control chip, keeps the machine at a stable and appropriate temperature for extracting coffee. It also provides the best temperature for easy milk frothing.
【ADJUSTABLE MILK FROTHER WAND】 The stainless-steel powerful milk frothing wand can be adjusted to achieve the ideal state for beginners. It delivers sufficient steam to create a rich, dense and creamy froth that enables you to produce latte art and perfect cappuccino at home. Kindly Reminder, the third picture shows the proper use of making milk foam.
【BEGINNERS FRIENDLY】 Pump driven espresso machines are significantly more efficient, and they yield better espresso. The perfect adjusted pressure and temperature ensures the stability for your everyday coffee. And it is easy to enhance the flavor by making latte or cappuccino with the adjustable stainless-steel milk frother.
【ADDITIONAL FEATURES】 Stylish Design with simple maintenance. The Laekerrt CMEP01 fits various kinds of cup size and is easy to clean. You can double your espresso with a simple tap on the shot selection button. Additional cup warmer allows you to enjoy the fresh brewed coffee at the right temperature.

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