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Espresso Drinks

Being a coffee lover, you might have discovered various types of Espresso drinks from different countries around the world. If you are a beginner or yet not discovered about the most popular Espresso drinks, then you should read this blog right now. You will get to know about the 13 Most Popular Espresso Drinks.

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How to Make an Espresso?

Espresso is a hot coffee beverage that is brewed in an Espresso Machine bypassing nearly boiling water and steam (86 to 95 degrees Celsius) under pressure through finely-ground coffee tightly packed in the Portafilter.

The Espresso Machine was developed in Italy in 1884 and patented in 1901. With the invention of the Gaggia machine in the 1950s, espresso came into the mainstream in the United Kingdom. The coffeehouse chains helped in spreading worldwide.

Espresso is the denser form of coffee as compared to coffee brewed by other techniques as it has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids. A standard espresso has a 30ml shot of Coffee.

It has a creamy layer on top known as “Crema”. Espresso is the base of various coffee drinks such as Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Macchiato, and Americano. 

Caffè Americano

How to Make an Americano?

Caffè Americano is spelled or known by several names such as Caffè Americano, Café Americano, Cafe Americano, and Americano. Caffè Americano is a style of coffee made by adding hot water to Espresso.

This drink is a combination of a single or double shot of espresso with 30-470ml of hot water. This drink has a similar strength but different flavor from brewed coffee. The strength of Americano differs depending on the number of shots of espresso used.

The variations of Americano are Lungo and Long Black.

Long Black

How to make a Long Black?

Historically the Italians were making only two types of coffee, espresso, and cappuccino. When Americans visited Italy and asked Italian baristas to make a long cup of Black Coffee, The Italians were used to drink Espresso as a black coffee. So, to please their American visitors they started extracting an Espresso on top of hot water in an Espresso cup. 

The Long Black is a variation of Americano. This drink is made by extracting a double shot of espresso on the pre-filled hot water in an Espresso cup. This is the best way to produce a sweet black brew that retains the beautiful crema and avoids burning the flavors.

Caffè Lungo

How to Make a Caffe Lungo?

Lungo is an Italian word for “Long”. Caffè Lungo is a coffee drink similar to Americano and Long Black. In a shot of an Espresso, the water content is about 25ml (1 Ounce) whereas, A Caffe Lungo has about 50ml (2 Ounces) of water in it.

In Americano and Long Black, we add water separately whereas, in the Caffe Lungo, the water is brewed with the shot of espresso.

The Caffe Lungo is less strong but more bitter than Espresso, the reason behind this is Caffe lungo has more water content which makes it less strong and the water is passed through the coffee compounds which make it more bitter.

Café Cubano

How to make a Cuban Coffee?

Cuban Coffee (also Known as Cafe Cubano) is a coffee from Cuba. Cuban people have a tradition of drinking a super-sweet and strong coffee. This coffee is made with whipped sugar and strong coffee or espresso. 

While pouring the coffee into a cup the whipped sugar rises to the top to form a thick, foamy layer that coincides crema. This layer is called “espuma”, is made of whipped sugar. 

This coffee is super easy and super delicious. The espresso machine is usually too expensive that’s the reason the Cubans prefer to use Moka pots. Moka Pots are frequently used to brew the Cuban coffee.

Caffè crema

How to make an Americano and Caffe Crema?

Crema coffee is an espresso drink that has a Swiss-French-Italian starting point and signifies “cream espresso” in Italian.

Initially, Café Crema was straight coffee during the 1940s and 1950s yet then picked up prominence as a long coffee drink in the bistros along the Italian-Swiss and Italian-Austrian outskirts.

With Swiss influence, a thickened sweet milk concoction was added to the espresso creating a delicious, creamy beverage that is super satisfying and is served both hot and cold.

Cafe Zorro

zorro 1
Cafe Zorro

Cafe Zorro is a Double-shot of Espresso or Doppio added to hot water with a 1:1 ratio. Cafe Zorro is similar to Americano as both drinks have a double espresso and hot water, just the difference is the ratio of hot water used in it.


How to make a Doppio?

This is a Dual shot of coffee, fermented utilizing a double espresso channel in the portafilter. This 60 ml of drink, twofold the measure of a solitary shot coffee. All the more ordinarily called a standard double.

it is a standard in making a decision about the coffee quality in barista rivalries however simply because four single coffees are made utilizing double portafilters. Doppio is Italian multiplier, signifying “Double” 

A solitary shot of coffee is known as a performance (“single”) and created on the grounds that it was the most extreme sum that could for all intents and purposes be separated on switch coffee machines. 

Today (however just outside Italy) the Doppio is the standard shot, and on the grounds that performances require an alternate channel container, solo shots are regularly delivered by making (“pulling”) a doppio in a two-ramble portafilter, yet just getting one of the streams (the other stream might be disposed of or utilized in another beverage).

Espresso Roberto

Espresso roberto
Espresso Roberto

An espresso Roberto is a double shot espresso with a small amount of steamed milk on the side. Made properly a little amount of steamed whole milk is added.

Espresso Romano

How to make Espresso Romano?

An espresso Romano is an espresso shot served with a lemon slice on the side. The lemon can be run along the rim of the cup as a way to accentuate the espresso’s sweetness. The name “Romano”, itself has no link to Italy nor Rome.


How to make Guillermo Coffee?

Guillermo is an espresso drink in which we use one or two shots of hot espresso poured over slices of lime. It can also be served with ice, sometimes with a little amount of milk.


How to make Ristretto?

A ristretto is a little shot of coffee made with finely ground beans and less water. You might be asking why anybody would need to arrange less espresso. Isn’t continually requesting more espresso better? 

Much of the time, truly, yet ristretto is about quality over amount. At the point when less high temp water is constrained through the finely ground espresso beans, the outcome is an increasingly thought flavor. 

The espresso tastes better and less harsh in light of the shorter extraction time. In the least complex terms, ristretto signifies “confined.” By requesting a ristretto shot, you are teaching the barista to constrain the measure of a coffee shot in your espresso.

Espresso Macchiato

How to make an Espresso Macchiato?

Espresso Macchiato is a single or double shot of espresso topped with a dollop of heated milk foam and served in a small cup. The name “Macchiato” is an Italian word meaning ‘mark’ or ‘spot’ or ‘stain’. 

The Espresso Macchiato originated to create a difference between Espresso and an Espresso with milk. The baristas added foamy milk on top of the Espresso to show the difference, which was like a spot/stain on Espresso. Hence, It was named as Macchiato.

The Portuguese called their own version of macchiato as cafe pingado, meaning coffee with a drop. Whereas, In Mexico, it is called a cortado, which can cause confusion since in other countries a coffee beverage also called cortado has a larger amount of milk in it compared to the macchiato.


What is the Serving time of Espresso?

The Ideal serving time of espresso is between 20 – 30 Seconds. If you are taking too short or too long, kindly check your grind, dose, and damp. Then adjust it accordingly.


Coming to sum up this blog, we saw that there are 13 most popular variants of Espresso drinks available around the world. A Coffee Lover should try all these variants at least once in their life. While tasting these Espresso Drinks one might become your’s favorite drink forever.

Thank You Coffee Lovers!!

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