Espresso Coffee Stirrer, YMWVH Professional Coffee Stirring Tool for Espresso Distribution, Natural Wood Handle Needle Type Distributor with Wood Stand, Coffee Tamper Distributor, Red Rosewood

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Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

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Specification : Material : Stainless Steel + Wooden Size: 1.24*5.62Inch Weight : 0.15Kg Packaged Included : 1PCS Coffee Stirrer 1PCS Stirrer Stand 1PCS Cleaning Brush

The Espresso Coffee Stirrer can help you improve the extraction of coffee and bring you the real Espresso.

Our coffee distributor used pin design, wide stirring area, uniform distribution of coffee powder, avoiding agglomeration, extracting more mellow and delicious espresso.

Food-grade stainless steel needles are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is not only rust-proof, non-sticky, and will not easily bend or break.

Unique coffee stirrer wdt / tool will not be limited by the filter size that can be applied to all coffee machines, so You can easily make a delicious cup of coffee.

Espresso Coffee Stirrer with Even Extraction Espresso Coffee Stirrer with Suitable Size Professional Coffee Stirrer Tool Coffee Stirrer with Walnut Wooden Handle Great Gift Idea For Home Barista

Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

Note: Wood and dishwashers just don’t mix. The heat of the dishwasher can cause wood to warp, and the drying cycle can make it crack. So please, keep your coffee stirrer out of the dishwasher. You can clean it with a damp cloth.

Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

Espresso Coffee StirrerEspresso Coffee Stirrer

【Even Extraction】:This CoreReplace espresso coffee stirrer can effectively improve the problem of splashing caused by the agglomeration of fine powder during brewing by evenly stirring and distributing the coffee, and the uniform coffee powder will make the coffee flavor purer, which is the pursuit of perfection.
【Suitable Size】:This espresso stirrer uses 4 fine needles. The size of the needle distributor is appro. 125mm * 30mm. The special pin design makes it not limited by size and can be applied to almost all types of coffee filters. (NOTE: It is prohibited to use the dishwasher for cleaning.)
【Walnut Wooden Handle& Ergonomic Design】:The handle is made of natural and environmentally friendly wood with a smoothly polished surface, and ergonomic shape design makes it comfortable to hold. It also comes with a solid wood stand, which can organize coffee stirrer and making your workspace tidy.
【Professional Coffee Stirrer Tool】:This espresso stirrer is used by baristas to stir coffee when it is placed in the portafilter. A funnel placed above the portafilter helps prevent spills. The stirring action breaks up any clumps and evens out the density of coffee within the puck. The result is reduced channeling, and higher, more even extractions.
【Great Gift Idea For Home Barista】:This coffee stirring distribution tool is a great gift for owners of many brands of espresso machines, this tool will transform the consistency of the espresso from any machine. The Coffee Stirrer Tool is Perfect for Home Daily Use, Coffee lovers, Milk tea shop, Coffee shop, Western restaurants, Drink shops.

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