Electric Glass Kettle, 1.7L Smart Tea Maker with Temperature Control, Keep Warm Function, Auto Shut-off, Water Boiler with Removable Tea Infuser, Boil Dry Protection, BPA Free, 1500W Fast Boiling

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Product Description

Yabano Electric Glass KettleYabano Electric Glass Kettle

Yabano Electric Glass Kettle

When you are busy for working, maybe you need to make tea or coffee, that is really simple for our kettle, it just need few minutes!

With the 1500W power, Yabano Kettle can boil a full pot of water in just 5-7 minutes. Boils water faster than the microwave or the stovetop methods, so you spend less time waiting for your delicious hot beverages.

A new experience of brewing various types of tea. When the water is rolling boil, the water comes up from the bottom and sprinkle on the tea-leaf in the infuser. As this process goes on, tea will slowly drip from the infuser into the kettle, extracting the pure flavor of your tea in minutes. One-click to boil hot water for your tea or other drinks.

Function buttons :

“GREEN” : Boil Green Tea – Improve body immunity.

“WHITE / OOLONG” : Boil White Tea or Oolong Tea – Weight loss, lower blood lipid and blood pressure.

“COFFEE” : Boil Coffee – Concentration, relieve the body’s anxiety and tension.

“BOIL BLACK” : Boil Black Tea – Relieve fatigue, promote digestion, warm the stomach.


Boil Dry ProtectionBoil Dry Protection



Boil-dry Protect

Should you accidentally allow the kettle to operate without water, the boil-dry protection will automatically switch it off. If this should occur, allow the kettle to cool before filling with cold water and re-boiling.

Don’t Boil-dry the first time you use it.

Removable Infuser

Stainless steel removable infuser, leave no tea esidue in your cup and easier to clean up.

100% BPA-free Material

Made with Triton BPA-free material. No silicon around the temp sensor. All lining and joint part are made of 100% Food Grade materials.

Before Using the Kettle for the First Time!!!

step 1step 1

step 2step 2

step 3step 3

step 4step 4

step 1

Fill the kettle with a bag of citric acid.(Packing box have citric acid)

If you are using the kettle for the first time, it is recommended that you clean your kettle before using.

step 2

Pour 2-5 cups of water into the kettle.

step 3

Boiling the liquids and leave it for 2 hours, then discarding the water.

step 4

Rinse the kettle with clean water, and dry with a soft clean cloth.


keep warm buttonkeep warm button


Every time you take the kettle away from the power base and then pour the water, the function buttons and the ”KEEP WARM” button flash at the same time, and then put it back on the power base, please no need reset the mode again, as it has memory function. The electric tea kettle function that holds your desired water temperature for up to 60 min.

Remove dirtRemove dirt

How to Descale?

Poor water quality or mineral deposits in tap water may cause the kettle interior to discolor.

To remove this build-up, use Liquid Descaler, a simple to use non-toxic cleaner.


Fill the kettle with 3 cups of white vinegar and the remainder with water and be allowed to stand overnight. Do not boil. Empty the solution from the kettle. Any stains remaining inside the spout can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth, fill the kettle with clean water, bring to boil and then discard the water. Repeat and the kettle will then be ready to use.

Easy to cleanEasy to clean

Care and Cleaning

The wide opening and removable kettle lid allows easy water refill and simple cleaning.Always disconnect the appliance from the power outlet before cleaning. Never immerse the kettle or cord in water, or allow moisture to contact with these parts.Wipe the appearance of housing with a wild and damp cloth or cleaner, never use a poisonous cleaner.



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


1.7 Liter

1 Liter

1 Liter


Precise Temperature Control

Keep Warm

Boil Dry Protection


6-in-1 Hot Tea Maker; One-click to Boil Tea; A Bonus Tea Infuser; Wide Mouth & Easy to Clean

LED Display Precise Temperature Control; Come with Coffee Dripper and Scoop; Come with Stainless Steel Filter; Keep Warm

Stainless Steel; Integrated Thermometer Displays; Gooseneck Spout Design; Ergonomic Handle Design

☕【2-in-1 Electric Kettle】- Electric glass kettle with tea infuser, you not only can brew loose leaves with tea infuser, but also can get warm water, brew coffee, or anything you fancy. One touch operation, just choose tea type or coffee, then the kettle will start brew.
☕【Tea Infuser】- Kettle with tea infuser, can extract full flavor out of leaves and serve you more strong tea. Suitable for tea lovers! And removable tea infuser makes it easy to clean.
☕【Large Capacity】- With 1.7-liter capacity, there’s enough tea or water to go around for everyone./ which is enough for making 6 to 8 cups of tea at a time.
☕【Auto Shutoff and Keep Warm】- With auto shutoff feature, kettle will automatically shutoff when water reach your desire temperature. And keep warm function can keep your tea warm so you can enjoy hot tea at any time.
☕【Easy to Clean】- Kettle with removable lid design make it wide enough to allow your hand inside so that you can clean inner of kettle.

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