Electric Coffee Roaster Machine, 0-240℃ Household Roasting Machine 1000G Coffee Bean Roasting Baking Machine For Coffee Shop and Home Use, Popcorn, Peanuts, Chestnut Sunflower Seed Roaster,110V

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Notice: Be sure to cover the pot when baking, otherwise the heating will be uneven and the baking will easily fail. Don’t worry about the water droplets in the lid during the baking process.


Different individuals have their own tastes; Origins of beans, levels of baking and other factors result in the flavors of coffee. We believe by trying you will eventually find your favorite flavor.

Multifunctional coffee roaster Voltage:110V Temp range:0-240℃ Capacity: 800G

0-240℃ Temperature adjustment, flexible choice of coffee roasting level.0-240℃ Temperature adjustment, flexible choice of coffee roasting level.


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0-240 degrees Celsius temperature adjustment, flexible choice of coffee roasting level

The 45-degree angle of the roaster slope makes it easier to roast the beans, and the beans are roasted more evenly, and roasting more coffee beans.

It can also bake cereals, peanuts, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, red beans, etc.


Light roasts

As the name suggests, light roasts are lighter in color, mostly light brown. This level of roast is used when the preservation of flavour and aroma of the coffee beans is needed. They are drier with no oil on its surface. This is due to the short amount of period they are roasted.

They are heated in a temperature range of 350 – 400 degree Fahrenheit. Some popular categories in it include Light City, Half City and Cinnamon. While these beans are roasted just before the first crack appears, there is another category known as New England Roast which refers to beans roasted til the first crack forms.


Medium roasts

Medium roasts are able to retain the aroma and flavor of coffee beans up to an extent. They are dry and lack oil on their surface. This roast level has less caffeine than the lighter roasts.

For achieving medium roast levels, you need to heat the coffee beans between 400 and 430 degree Fahrenheit. Usually, the beans are roasted till the first crack is complete and the second crack starts to appear.

Some popular roast names for this roast level are Regular Roast, City Roast, American Roast and Breakfast Roast.


Dark roasts

By this level the natural aroma and flavour of the coffee beans is replaced by the roast. The beans are dark brown with an oily surface. The caffeine in the beans is fairly reduced and they develop a burnt and ashy taste to them.

To reach the dark roasts level the coffee beans need to be heated in between 465 to 480 degree Fahrenheit. The coffee beans are heated until the second crack is completed and sometimes even further.

Some popular names include Italian Roast, French Roast, Continental Roast and Espresso Roast.



When you have roasted your coffee beans you need to cool your batch quickly – or it will harm the taste. For cooling coffee beans after roasting, you simply need to make use of colanders, desk fans, or readymade roasters. Cool the roast below 40°C in 4 minutes.






Some tips to choose the roast level

The different roast levels can be confusing for many to choose from. By now we have understood that the flavor and aroma of a coffee depends heavily on its roast levels. Below are some tips to choose the right roast level for you:

If you want a natural flavor and more caffeine heavy coffee then go with the light roast.

If you don’t like high acidity levels in your coffee then go with the medium or medium-dark roast levels.

If you don’t like too much caffeine and want a healthier option, you should go with the darker roast levels.

✔As a brand-new store, for boosting the sales and reputation, the current price is the lowest price in the market., We are determined to provide customers with the best product quality and service.
✔Commercial Standard : Large capacity 800g; The optimum amount of roasted coffee beans from 500g-800g. 45-degree scope make baking more uniform and efficiency, the material of non-stick pot is nontoxic and harmless.
✔ Transparent glass cover: The condition of the beans can be observed at any time during the baking process. 0-240 degrees Celsius is available: Baking is very simple, depending on the coffee beans, choose different temperatures.
✔This machine could be used not only for roasting coffee beans, but also for baking other beans, peanuts, chestnut, barley, dried fruit, popcorn, etc. It could be used for home, a coffee shop or a restaurant. Use it to create your unique coffee flavor to your preference.
✔Guarantee 30-days MONEY-BACK for any reason – If your purchase is not exactly what you are looking for. You have 30 days from the date of order to arrange your return get your full refund.

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