Easyworkz Eclipse French Press Coffee Tea Maker with Innovative 4 level filtration system,Easy to clean Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass-BPA Free 12oz (3Cup)

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Product Description



Easyworkz has created a high grade French Press coffee maker with modern style and crafted to the top standards in the industry.

Featuring 4 level stainless steel filtration system will help for a premium extration of your coffee aromatic oils and smooth rich flavor.

It is our Eclipse French Press!

Durable heat resistant borosilicate glass carafe beaker sits in stylish plastic frame which makes pouring coffee easier and prevents wobbling.

Our Eclipse French Press has an elegant classic design and bulit to be your lifetime coffee pot.

Enjoy your coffee and have fun everyday with Our Eclipse coffee maker.

Dishwasher safe – Easy to screw the filter off and easy to clean glass coffee pot.




4 level filtration system

With the 4 levels extra fine micro stainless steel mesh filter, you can get a better taste without the coffee grounds mixing in your coffee.

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass

Durable and also safe for the hot water, will not crack or generate odd.Easy to clean and dissemble. Food grade and dishwasher safe.

Precise scale line

An exact scale line on the glass can let you prepare exactly right amount of coffee or tea to meet your needs.


Step 1,Add coffee powder

Remove the filter and add the ground coffee to the base of the jug.We recommend 7g/15ml per 100ml of water.


Step 2,Fill the water

Add half of the water,allowing the coffee to bloom for 20 seconds,then add the remaining water ensuring you cover all the grounds.


Step 3,Push plunger down after 4 minutes

Replace the plunger unit onto the pot,stand for at least 4 minutes.Then push plunger down slowly ,holding the pot’s handle with other hand.


Step 4,Enjoy your coffee

Pour your freshly brewed coffee into a cup and enjoy it.


Add coffee powder


Fill the water


Push plunger down after 4 minutes


Enjoy your coffee


[French Coffee Pot with Innovative 4 Level Filtration System] Used the latest manufacturing technology and combined aesthetics to design this elegant french coffee pot, tea pot .With the 4 levels extra fine micro stainless steel mesh filter, you could brew your coffee or tea with the filter, to get a better taste without the coffee grounds mixing in your coffee.
[Premium Quality Borosilicate Glass Beaker]The cover, lid and handle are made of the BPA free PP, which is heat-resistant and wear-resistant. When you put hot water into the pot, the glass beaker will conduct heat, with this high quality heat-resistant handle. You could use it free. The borosilicate glass beaker is durable and also safe for the hot water, will not crack like the normal glass or generate odd like the plastic pot.Easy to clean and dissemble. Dishwasher available.
[12oz Volume 350ml Coffee Maker] Could brew 3 big cups of Black coffee or tea, this size coffee pot could meet 1-2 persons’ requirement and it is also a great christmast gift , thanksgiving gift for your family and friends.
[Enjoy Aromatic Coffee and Tea with This Coffee Pot] Quite convenient use, just added the medium ground coffee and add the hot water , we suggest 7g coffee /100ml water, it all depends on your taste to make your coffee stronger or weaker. Our coffee pot is also ideal for tea, milktea or cold brew coffee.
[Well made and Inspected in Own Factory] Made and quality inspected in own factory. Over 10 years’ coffee maker manufacturing experience ensures its great quality and we provide 24 months quality guranteed after sale service.

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