E61 Bottomless Portafilter with 21 gram 3 Cup Filter Basket

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Price: $49.98
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A great training tool for any barista! The bottomless (naked) portafilter allows the barista to view problems that may be occurring during the espresso extraction. Baristas will know if channeling occurs making them aware that a level tamp was not made. Please note that our portafilters are made naked first, then they are chrome plated for a full beautiful finish. We are not responsible if the manufacturer of your espresso machine has made a change to your espresso machine and the portafilter does not fit. Our new stock no longer includes the end cap at the end of the handle. Just because this item comes with a 3 cup basket does not mean you must pull 3 shots every time you use it. You may also pull a single or double shot for more crema and a concentrated flavor profile, but you still MUST fill the basket as intended. Alternatively, you may use this handle with a 58mm one or two cup basket. In many cases, when using this portafilter, customers have to coarsen the fineness of the grind when moving from a single or double dose portafilter or filter basket. The reason is that the bottomless/naked portafilter usually holds more coffee in the basket, and when leaving the same fineness of grind, the end result is no pour, a very slow pour, or leakage around the grouphead area. this is why we recommend changing the fineness of the grind to a little more coarse.
Complete with 21gram filter basket and portafilter spring / Wing size: 7.2mm
Fits most but not all E61 group machines: This E61 bottomless portafilter is compatible with E61 group machines accepting a portafilter with 7.2mm wings (ears), i.e., Atel (19-073), Brugnetti-Aurora, Casadio, ECM (Machines made in Italy), Faema and GEV (525904) espresso machines.
Does not fit: Breville, Saeco, Gaggia, Delonghi, Capresso, Jura, Isomac, La Marzocco, Pasquini Livia 90, Pasquini Livietta, Quick Mill, Wega, Vibiemme or ECM Manufacture/Germany requiring different wing sizes.
Use a slightly coarser grind when switching from smaller baskets for optimum results
If unsure if this bottomless portafilter will fit your espresso machine, contact us prior to purchasing / Made in Italy

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