Drips and Grind Ceramic Coffee Dripper | Simple Design for Quick & Easy Brewing | Large & Durable Body for Adding & Retaining Heat | Open Base for Checking Coffee Level | Pour Over Coffee Drip

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For most people, coffee is life.

Many people are unable to begin their day without first having a cup of coffee. However, it can’t be just ANY coffee. It has to be the blend that one’s palate will love.

A lot of automatic coffee makers were unable to achieve the full, rich taste that traditional brewed coffee provides. Until the coffee dripper came into existence.

Easily make your perfect cup of coffee with Drips and Grind Ceramic Coffee Dripper!

Coffee lovers everywhere love the fact that they can be their own barista with the use of a coffee dripper. With it, you can create your own cup of coffee, flavored exactly the way you like it. The dripper from Drips and Grind is made of lead-free ceramic that maintains the heat of the coffee even after the brewing process. It can fit on most cups, mugs, and teapots so you won’t have to buy anything else to be able to use it. It has an open base design that lets you check if the cup is almost full.

More reasons to fall in love with Drips and Grind’s coffee dripper:
✅ It has a simple, minimalist design, making it easier to use and clean up.
✅ It looks classic and elegant, adding a touch of beauty to any kitchen countertop.
✅ It is ideal for coffee lovers on the go. Now, you can enjoy good brewed coffee wherever you are.
✅ The ceramic material does not affect the flavor of the coffee and will not leave any aftertaste.

Treat yourself to a cup of pour over coffee anytime, anywhere with our Drips and Grind Ceramic Coffee Dripper. Add it to your cart TODAY!
✅ QUICK & EASY BREWING PROCESS – Need a quick cup of brewed coffee ASAP? Drips & Grind Ceramic Coffee Dripper can help satisfy your craving immediately. Just put the dripper on top of your mug, two tablespoons of coffee, and then pour hot water.
✅ KEEPS COFFEE HOT DURING BREWING – Ceramic is a good heat capacitor. It absorbs heat and retains it for a long time. Unlike with plastic drippers, the coffee you brew with a ceramic dripper stays hot even after the brewing process has completed.
✅ CONVENIENTLY CHECK COFFEE LEVEL – The open base design of the Drips & Grind ceramic coffee dripper lets you see the coffee level quickly and conveniently. The base has a D-shape hole on both sides, allowing you to check if the cup is almost filled to the hilt without moving it. No more overflowing! No more wasted coffee!
✅ ENJOY A CUP OF COFFEE OR MORE – Just how much coffee can this dripper make? The large dripper is 3.5 inches deep, 4.5 inches wide at the top, and has enough space for a single cup of liquid. You could make one regular cup of coffee or 2-4 demitasse cups.
✅ FITS MOST CUPS & TEAPOTS – This ceramic coffee dripper can concoct your favorite brew into any mug that measures 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter. It will also fit any teapot with a lid measuring 2 3/4 inches in diameter.

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