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Drip Coffee Maker vs Percolator- Which is The Easiest [2021]

We are always in the search for the best things. But there comes a time when we have almost similar products but we don’t know which one to choose.

So here we bought a drip coffee maker vs percolator for you, as they both have almost similar activities. It may be confusing as to which one to choose.

To choose the best among drip coffee makers vs percolator we have brought some points which you should consider before buying or you should know.

Drip Coffee Maker VS Percolator | The Journey Begin

The drip coffee maker and percolator somehow have similar activities. To operate them we give heat to the water chamber which heats the water until the steam is formed.

The steam then rises to the upper chamber condensate and passes through the grounds. Once the steam or condense water flows through the coffee grounds they will bring the flavor and strength and the fantastic taste out of the coffee. 

How Does a Percolator Work?

Percolator on Gas Stove.

It is one of the best machines for an open flame. It is most popular for camping enthusiasts.

The bottom chamber is filled with water. A metal tube goes upward which means in the upper chamber from the water chamber through the center of the circular tray where the coffee grounds are placed. 

The tray is covered with a metal rod which is known as a spreader plate and its bottom has a porous filter. As we heat the water in it rises in the form of steam through the long tube.

When it reaches the upper chamber it condenses, the condensed water then drips over the spreader plate. Then the condensed water is distributed evenly over the grounds below. 

The water ran over the grounds then drips into the bottom filter that means back to the water chamber. The water chamber has coffee.

This is a repeat cycle that goes inside the percolator. With every cycle, the concentration of the coffee becomes greater.

How Does a Drip Coffee Maker Work?

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker
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Drip coffee is an updated version of pour-over coffee. With pour-over, all you have to do is to boil water in a kettle put some grounds filter it inside of a funnel, and then add water slowly and wait for the drip.

The drip machine also does the same but with electricity and a button. The drip machine comes with a separate water reservoir.

Water in the reservoir is heated by a heating element when it boils it rises in the form of steam and bubble through the narrow tube similar to the percolator.

Then the steam and the bubbles are distributed evenly across the ground which has the paper filter and the ground coffee on it.

The water runs through the ground and extracts the coffee. At the bottom of the funnel through an opening, the coffee drips into the carafe. The carafe is placed on the element that keeps the coffee warm.

Difference Between Percolator and Drip Coffee Maker

The water reservoir

The percolator does not have a separate water reservoir it drips coffee into the bottom chamber whereas that drip coffee maker has a separate water reservoir and it drips coffee into a carafe.

The cycle

The drip coffee maker does the cycle once which means the steam once goes up and then condensed and then comes out but with percolator, the cycle is repeated the steam goes up then condensed then comes to the same water chamber.

The percolator works on an open flame, stovetop, etc, whereas, drip coffee maker works on electricity.


Percolator coffee is bold and strong, they lack in the shades of flavors, you can only create different shades of flavors with the condensation of coffee. Coffee Percolator may contain oils.

Drip coffee free of soil and sediments. Drip coffee maker gives you milder coffee but you can easily detect subtle flavors. Drip coffee maker’s brew will give you a lighter and smoother mouthfeel.

Give you a bold and strong tasteGive you a Lighter and smoother taste
The coffee might be over-extractedYou can enjoy subtleties in flavor


There isn’t much difference in the price, so cost is not a big factor in your decision. They both are super easy to use and extremely good.

Brew Time

If you want to brew coffee for a lot of people in a short period then your percolator is probably the best choice. With a percolator, you can even brew up to 12 cups at a time.

Most of the drip coffee makers can give you a couple of cups of coffee so if you are going for one or two cups of coffee drip coffee maker is probably the best choice.

Grind size

A fairly coarse grind is better for percolator as there is no filter paper so the larger the grounds the lesser the segment you will find in your coffee.

Coarser grounds also don’t fully extract as pretty as the fine ones so it’s better to choose a fairly coarse grind to be on the safe side from over extracting and bitterness.

A medium grind or a medium-fine is a go for your drip coffee. Depending upon the shape of the drip funnel you choose your grind. The medium-fine is best for the flat bottom-funnel.

Medium-fine with conical funnel will create the problem such as it slows down the extraction and leads to over-extraction. So for a conical funnel medium grind is fine.

Which is The Best?


The drip coffee makers are more convenient than percolators. Both machines are not expensive and easily available. The drip coffee maker works more automatically. It can automatically regulate heat and Brew time.

A percolator is more affordable than a drip coffee maker but there is not much difference. If you have wanted most of the work done to automatically go for a drip coffee maker.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to use a percolator?

It is really easy to use a percolator.
1. Fill The bottom chamber with water
2. Place the coffee grounds on the filter basket
3. Place the filter basket at the center
4. Place percolator on heat
Voila! Within minutes your coffee is ready

How to make coffee in a percolator?

It is really easy to make a coffee in a percolator all you need is ground coffee and water.
Step 1: Prepare the percolator which means clean it up and add water
Step 2: Add the ground
Step 3: Heat the percolator
step 4: Let it sit for 7 to 10 minutes depending on your strength
Step 5: Remove the percolator and the coffee ground basket and discard the grounds
Step 6: Let it sit for a  few minutes before serving
Step 7: Serve and enjoy

How long to percolate coffee?

Normally you can percolate your coffee for 7 to 10 minutes. But the time depends on your taste. Set your time according to the strength you want.

What does perk mean?

When the water starts to boil and move up that means when the steam is moving up into the upper chamber through, is known as a perk. That’s why people use the slang the coffee had begun to perk.


Drip Coffee Maker vs Percolator coffee is an old battle. Don’t worry about which is the best, the one which fits you is the best.

Of course, we all have different tastes and we all like different strengths of coffee. Percolator is best when there is no electricity available and drip coffee is good when there is electricity available so choose according to your preference.

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