Drip Coffee Maker 12 Cup Programmable, Coffee Machine with Glass Coffee Pot Filter and Timer, Brew Strength Control, Keep Warm, Touch Control, Anti-Drip, Self-Cleaning Function for Home Kitchen

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Product Description

drip coffee makerdrip coffee maker

coffee makercoffee maker

Wake up to Hot Fresh Coffee Every Morning

Start your morning sipping a tasty, freshly brewed coffee with the TaoTronics 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker. Simply set the 24-hour programmable timer before you sleep to brew coffee at a specific time, then you can wake up to a fresh cup of coffee without the wait.

Technical Specifications:

12-Cup Coffee Maker3 Keep-Warm Temperatures24H Programmable Timer1-4 Cup FunctionTouch Control

What’s in the Box:

1 x 12-Cup Coffee Maker

1 x Glass Carafe

1 x filters basket

1 x Scoop

1 x User Guide

Product Dimensions:10 x 7.8 x 13.5in

Net Weight:5.2lbs

Best Way to Enjoy Coffee Best Way to Enjoy Coffee

Smart-Clean SystemSmart-Clean System

coffee machinecoffee machine

Best Way to Enjoy Coffee

Sip the perfect cup straight after brewing so you can experience maximum flavor, we suggest at 185°F for optimal extraction.

Smart-Clean System

Special self-cleaning cycle ensures proper maintenance in order to provide optimal brewing conditions.

Easy-View Water Window

Water window, with measurement markings and LED light, is easy to read and see the exact amount of water in the tank.

Tips for Brewing:

1) Before first use, boil water for several times to remove odor (No need to add coffee or fifilter paper).

2) Basically, 1 spoon of ground coffee makes 1 cup of great coffee. You can adjust the concentration by controlling the coffee amount

or brewing with 1-4 function.

2) Always clean the filter basket and funnel before and after brewing. Remaining coffee or other impurities will affect the taste of brewed


3) Keep the ground coffee fresh. Only grind coffee bean before brewing or use newly produced coffee powder. The oxidation degree of

4) DO NOT store ground coffee in the funnel. Store in a vacuum and thermostatic space and avoid direct sunlight, which can extend the

shelf-life of ground coffee.

How to set the clock ?How to set the clock ?

How to set the clock ?

1. In standby status, tap HR/MIN button once to enter clock settings.

2. Tap HR/MIN button to increase 1 increment by each tap; Hold HR button to increase rapidly.

3. No operation in 5s indicates that clock setting is done.

· Always align clock time with local time every time power on.

How to brew coffee ?How to brew coffee ?

How to brew coffee ?

1. Open the water tank cover and fill with cold water. (DO NOT exceed the MAX water level line.)

2. Put the filter basket in the funnel and add ground coffee into the filter basket.

3.Close the water tank cover. Plug into a socket.

4. Tap PROG button to enter reservation mode, set desired keep-warm time and level. (Optionally)

5. Tap BREW/AUTO OFF button to start brewing.

How to use the keep warm function?How to use the keep warm function?

How to use the keep warm function?

Attention: Set the keep-warm time before setting the preset time as it cannot be changed during brewing process.

1. In standby status, hold the CARAFE TEMP button to enter keep-warm time settings.

2. When AUTO OFF light is blinking, set the keep-warm time with HR/MIN buttons.

3. No operation in 10s will confirm the keep-warm time and exit keep-warm time settings.

How to use the keep warm function?How to use the keep warm function?

How to use the Self-Cleaning function?

After using for certain times, the CLEAN light will start blinking indicating the appliance needs cleaning. After the CLEAN function is performed completely, the CLEAN light stops blinking.

1. Fill the tank with cold water to the Max water level line. Tap CLEAN button and BREW/AUTO OFF button to enter CLEAN mode.

2. The appliance will work for 1 min and stop for 2 min repeatedly, until one beep is heard.

3. Under CLEAN mode, tap CLEAN or BREW/AUTO OFF to exit the mode, CLEAN light goes off.

How to set the clock ?How to set the clock ?

How to brew coffee ?How to brew coffee ?

How to use the keep warm function?How to use the keep warm function?

How to use the keep warm function?How to use the keep warm function?

12 Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Water Tank Capacity

1.8L/ 60oz


Stainless Steel + ABS

Package Included

Coffee Maker, Coffee Pot , Scoop, Basket, User Guide

Brewing time

About 15 minutes to brew 12 cups of coffee; 8 minutes for 6 cups

Keep-Warm Temperature:

Low ≥ 167°F/75°C, Medium ≥ 172°F/78°C, High ≥ 178°F/81°C

Net Weight

2.38kg / 5.2lbs

Product Dimensions

10 x 7.8 x 13.5in / 25.5 x 19.8 x 34.3cm

Enjoy Freshly Brewed Coffee AnytimeEnjoy Freshly Brewed Coffee Anytime

Brew up to 12 Cups: Coffee maker provides up to 12 cups at a time, so you can brew and share delicious hot coffee with family and friends anytime
Customizable Brewing Options: Hot plate with 3 temperature settings keep freshly brewed coffee at around 167°F, 172°F or 178°F for 4hrs; 1-4 cup function allows you to choose between regular and bold coffee to suit your taste
24-Hour Programmable Brewing: Before you go to bed, set the coffee maker to brew at a specific time to wake up and enjoy a cup of fresh hot coffee the next morning
Anti-Drip System: Temporarily stops the flow of coffee when you take out the carafe to pour and serve coffee, without making a mess, before brewing is completed
Smart Touch Control: Intuitive touch control panel gives you full control of the coffee machine, and easy-read LCD screen clearly displays the clock and brewing settings

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