Drip Coffee Filter, Reusable Coffee Drip Filter with 3 Drip Holes, Ceramic Coffee Filters Pour Over (Beige) – Coffee Maker Fit for #2 Filter Paper (Beige)

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A new day starts with enjoying a cup of fragrant coffee!
The smooth and detailed surface of our ceramic drip coffee filter cup makes the water flow extremely smooth and does not block when brewing coffee. On a new day, would you like to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee in a beautiful morning?

Size: 2.95X4.33in

Material: Ceramic

Color: Beige

Shape: Cone

The package includes: 1X Dripper Coffee Filters

Why choose our products? Some thoughts on the dripper coffee filter:

Follicular coffee: Its clear aroma, purity and rich layering are beyond the reach of other brewing methods. Our ceramic filter is not easy to leave coffee stains after use, and it is easy to clean. As long as it is cleaned and used for a long time, there is no need to worry too much about coffee stains.

The surface of the ceramic cup is smooth and meticulous so that the water flow is extremely smooth; the concave-convex water guiding groove extends all the way to the bottom of the water outlet, so that there is enough space between the filter paper and the bottom, which can maximize the expansion of the coffee without water accumulation. , It is perfect with high-quality V02/#2 cone filter paper or reusable filter.

The material is made of top-grade lead-free ceramics. Ceramics have strong thermal insulation properties, which can prevent temperature changes from affecting the coffee taste. The V-shaped coffee filter cup with handle, the thickened design of the cup body and the bottom of the cup make it more durable.

Note: When using, it should be handled with care to avoid falling and bumping.

Ingenious Design: There are 3 drip holes at the bottom. This design is combined with the ultra-high thermal insulation properties of ceramics. The coffee liquid staying at the bottom can be quickly guided to the bottom pot, and it can also avoid the situation that the three holes are stuck to the vacuum layer after the filter paper draught becomes heavier. It can change the taste of coffee according to the speed of the water flow.
Simple & Convenient: It can be used with high-quality V02/#2 cone filter paper or reusable filter with proper water temperature to achieve the best brewing effect and avoid spraying. This ceramic can be poured on a coffee filter in your home or office to easily brew a cup of coffee.
Durable & Thermal Insulation: This durable coffee dripper is made of top-level lead-free ceramics, the filter cup has a smooth touch, strong light transmission and thermal insulation can retain heat to ensure a constant temperature during the entire brewing process to avoid temperature Changes affect flavor.
High Quality: The bottom of this filter cup is wide and narrow, which is conducive to the concentration of water; the rib design is deep, dense and multi-angled, so that the upward hot air can still retain good convection, and the thermal cycle exhaust is good, and the flow rate is not Blocking, thus ensuring better coffee brewing and better flavor.
Easy to Clean: The appearance is neat and easy to clean. After brewing, take out the filter paper and throw it into the trash can without rinsing.

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