Dr.Neu Italian Eco-Friendly Espresso Coffee Machine Water Softener and Limescale Prevention – for use in Keurig, Nespresso, Hamilton Beach, etc.- Made in Italy -2 Softball Packets

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Price: $12.99
(as of May 08,2022 01:25:01 UTC – Details)


This innovative, long-lasting system to soften water prevents the formation of lime scale in all coffee machines with a water tank. Thanks to the natural action of our bio-catalyzer (patented) it reduces the hardness of the water without altering the content of calcium and magnesium important for our health. It also helps to maintain the efficiency of the machine, making it last longer and helping the correct supply of the water. This ensures the maximum intensity of the aroma and the creaminess.How to use: Simple to use, it is sufficient to insert it inside the water tank and then remove it when it is finished. It should be substituted once every three months.
Softballs ensures the maximum intensity of the aroma and the creaminess of the coffee.
Softballs soft the coffee machine water tank, less limescale less maintenance; Softballs does not released chemicals.
Innovation is based on a bio-catalyst. It doesn’t leave any residues in the water

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