Disposable Coffee Filters (100 count) with Coffee Scoop, Compatible with Keurig MY K cup 2.0 Universal Reusable Coffee Filter Pod. Bonus of Coffee Mug Included

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Price: $12.97
(as of Oct 01,2021 13:27:42 UTC – Details)


Fits Keurig MY K-cup 2.0 universal reusable coffee filter pod perfectly!

FUNCTIONALITY — Use the high-quality paper coffee filters with Keurig MY K-cup 2.0 reusable coffee filter to brew a perfect morning beverage that’s impeccably nuanced and sediment-free. The paper filter is designed to fit the Keurig MY K-cup 2.0 reusable coffee filter pod perfectly.
BETTER COFFEE — You’ll be able to taste the difference between our disposable coffee filter inserts. The thin paper filter aids in a better extraction and richer filtration. The natural coffee paper insert is unbleached and less processed.
EASIER MORNINGS — Make your mornings more efficient. Our coffee filter inserts make the brewing process a breeze. It won’t rip when wet and doesn’t require rinsing, reducing the amount of time you’d normally spend cleaning up.
SEDIMENT-FREE — Whether you grind your own beans or prefer to use your favorite pre-ground brand, the paper coffee filter is designed to help you brew the perfect morning beverage without leaving coffee ground sediment in your cup.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – the Blacksmith Family paper coffee filters are minimally processed, don’t require rinsing for clean up, and are 100% biodegradable to help reduce environmental impact and water waste.

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