Dioyano Gooseneck Electric Kettle Temperature Control Pour over Coffee Kettle, Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle, Auto Shut Off & Boil-dry Protection, 1200W Fast Heating Hot Water Kettle, Small Electric Kettles 0.8L

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Product Description

Electric Gooseneck KettleElectric Gooseneck Kettle

Coffee KettleCoffee Kettle

Live up to your every cup of coffee/ tea!

Dioyano gooseneck kettle to pour over your coffee or make tea at the ideal temperature, bring real flavors and aromas from coffer/ tea.

7 different temperature presets:

40℃/50℃/ 60℃/ 70℃/ 80℃/ 90℃/ 100℃ (104℉/158℉/ 176℉/ 185℉/ 203℉/ 212℉)

Different temperatures for different beverages:

Delicate (160°F) Oolong (190°F)

Green (175°F) Herbal/ French Press (200°F)

White (185°F) Black (Boil – 212°F)

Material: Food-grade 304 Stainless steel 

Operating Power: 1200W

Voltage: 120V

Boiling Time: 3-5 minute

Boil-dry protection

7-temperature Presets

Keep warm function

electric tea kettle with non-slip handleelectric tea kettle with non-slip handle

Temperature Control Pour over Coffee KettleTemperature Control Pour over Coffee Kettle

fast heating coffee kettlefast heating coffee kettle

keep warm water boilerkeep warm water boiler

Ergonomically Designed Handle

The gooseneck kettle is built with a non-slip handle which stay cool as the water heating up, making it safe and comfortable to hold and pour over coffee!

Operation Panel with Indicator

Operation panel is combined with the power base, it is convenient to turn on the water boiler, select Temperature unit in ℉ or ℃, and choose the right temperature to make your favorite beverage.

Fast Heating in Minutes

Heating on 1200W, the electric tea kettle heats up quickly in 3-5mins.

The 0.8L capacity can serve 3-4 cups of coffee or tea at a time.

Keep Warm Function

Select a temperature and press “Keep Warm”, keep water in the pot at your desired temperature for up to 2 hours.

Notes on Usage

Case1–Heat water to 100°C

Case2–Heat water to 80℃ & keep warm at the temp for 2 hours

Case1–Heat water to 100°C

gooseneck electric kettlegooseneck electric kettle

pour over coffee kettlepour over coffee kettle

portable electric kettleportable electric kettle

1. Power on the small electric kettle (with water), real-time temperature of water will displays on the screen.

2. Press the power switch/ “Start Boil” button, the tea kettle starts heating water to 100℃.

*Real-time temperature of water will display on the screen during heating.

3. When the water is boiled, the water kettle gets auto shut-off and goes into standby state.

Case2–Heat water to 80℃ & keep warm at the temp for 2 hours

gooseneck electric kettlegooseneck electric kettle

keep warm water kettlekeep warm water kettle

coffee kettle temperature controlcoffee kettle temperature control

tea kettletea kettle

1. Power on the small gooseneck kettle (with water), real-time temperature of water will displays on the screen.

2.Press the “Keep Warm” Button to activate the function.

3. Click “+” / “-” keys to adjust temperature to 80℃.

4. Press the “Start Boil” Button, the water boiler starts heating (to 80℃) and keep water warm up to 2 hours.













Boil-dry protection

Auto shut-off

Temperature Presets

⛾Made of food-grade stainless steel, heating on 1200W the electric gooseneck kettle is fast-boiling for the amount of water 0.8L, easily pouring over 3 cups of coffee or tea for family.
⛾Features 7- temperature presets from 40℃-100℃(104 ˚F-212 ˚F), selecting the desired temperature to make your perfect beverage, choosing ˚C for Celsius or ˚F for Fahrenheit.
⛾Designed with a slender long gooseneck spout, the electric pour over kettle is perfect for brewing coffee or tea with precisely and steady water flow without splashing.
⛾With real-time temperature display to show the electric water boiler heating process, keep warm function can hold temperatures up to120 minutes. 
⛾Equipped with auto shut-off technology and boil-dry safety feature, the electric teapot will shut off when the water is fully boiling and when it detects that there is no water inside.

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