Diguo Belgian/Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Coffee Maker. Elegant Retro-Style Design. Color Rose Golden. Capacity: 500ml/17 oz.

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Price: $146.00
(as of Aug 25,2021 09:10:30 UTC – Details)


The Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker was invented back in 19th century in the Europe. The process involves using an Spirit Burner to boils the water inside the Vacuum Flask to 212° F / 100°C.
FLAVORFUL and CLEAN – The coffee brewed with Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker is described as clean, great purity of flavor, aromatic and with no bitterness from many coffee connoisseurs
BOLD AND GREEN – This environmentally friendly reusable filter is made of natural cloth for better filtration. They let in the tiniest coffee ground particles and other flavors into the final product. The result is a bold tasting cup-a-joe. Easy to use and wash, a single filter will last you for many months
SOPHISTICATED – Be a proud owner of this art piece. Rose Gold plated, ridged fulcrum, U – handle and wood base. A real conversation starter and center of attraction for it elegant retro-design, brews in style and delicious coffee
MATERIALS AND CAPACITY – 304 stainless steel Vacuum Flask, Siphon Pipette and Filter Head. Borosilicate Brewing Flask. Medical grade silicon seal. Capacity 500ml- about 17oz, for 3-5 Espresso Cups
PACKAGE – Balance Siphon Coffee Maker set with cloth filter, coffee scoop and water measuring cup

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