What Is The Difference Between Mocha And Latte Coffee?

Difference Between Mocha And Latte

Let’s accept it, there are numerous coffee drink variations i.e. different types of coffee in existence. We have espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, Americano, latte, mocha, and the list goes on. 

And this is where people often get lost, especially when it comes to mocha and latte. They share the same main ingredient – coffee. But exactly, what is the difference between mocha and latte coffee drinks?

The primary difference between a caffe latte and mocha is that mocha includes chocolate, while latte doesn’t. 

Other than that these two coffee drinks are quite identical.

Now, a latte is made of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam it’s typically served in 8-oz cups.

However, mocha is made by espresso, chocolate, a bit of steamed milk, and foamy milk on top.

And apart from the chocolate, the other difference between the two is the contrast in the amount of steamed milk used.

Latte simply relies on far more steamed milk than mocha.

As you can see, mocha is going to be more appealing to those of you who prefer coffee that’s sweeter.

Latte, on the other hand, would be more suitable for coffee purists or just people who prefer a more diluted version of the regular espresso.

Regardless, I’m sure that you’d like to know more about latte and mocha and how exactly they’re made – so read on!

What Exactly Is A Latte And How It’s Made?

Cafe Latte

Caffe Latte or latte (in Italian) may be a traditional espresso-based Italian coffee drink.

It consists of two main ingredients – espresso and steamed milk, plus a touch of foamy milk on top in fact.

Mixing coffee and milk has been started around in Europe since the 17th century so it’s no wonder that latte originates from Italy.

Interesting factlatte means ‘milk coffee’ in Italian (who would’ve thought?). And although most folks know latte as simply ‘latte’, it’s known under a special name in certain regions.

For instance, within the northern parts of Europe (think Scandinavia), espresso with milk (i.e. latte) is understood as café au lait.

Anyway, the components required for creating it remain an equivalent – espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam.

How Is latte Made Though?

How To Make A Perfect Latte?

A standard cup (8 oz) of latte consists of the subsequent ingredients:

  • 2 oz of espresso (2 espresso shots)
  • 6 oz steamed milk
  • A dash of milk foam on top

Your local barista may or might not include foamy milk on top of your latte.

Most of the time latte is served with foam on top, although it seems that this is often not a requirement in some cafeterias.

They may simply use milk that’s slightly foamier than usual (by employing a milk frother).

Nonetheless, the proportions are what matters here!

The espresso-to-milk ratio of latte is often anywhere between 1 to 3, going all the high to a ratio of 1 to 9 (espresso to milk).

Make a Latte Art
Make a Latte Art

This makes for a diluted espresso-based drink that also provides a caffeine kick, albeit weaker than pure espresso.

What Exactly Is A Mocha And How It’s Made?

Cafe Mocha

Mocha, caffè mocha, mochaccino, or mochaccino (they’re all the same thing) is a variation of latte.

I’m going to surprise you now but mocha is the Americanized version of the Bicerin coffee drink that hails from Italy.

Bicerin consists of espresso, liquid chocolate, and milk during a layered fashion.

But Americans decided to do away with the layers and went for a more straightforward approach – cafe mocha.

The name mocha can also be associated with mocha beans.

This is a particular type of coffee beans originating from the port city of Mocha, at the coast of the Red Sea.

And in case you skipped your geography classes, Mocha (or port of Mokha) is a city in Yemen, which is a country located in Western Asia, in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s also worth pointing out that mocha beans are part of the Arabica coffee species.

How Is Caffe Mocha Made Though?

How To Make A Perfect Mocha?

Since it’s just about a latte with chocolate, here’s how mocha is prepared:

  • 2 oz espresso (2 shots of espresso)
  • 2 oz of hot chocolate (or cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, etc.)
  • 1 oz of steamed milk
  • Some milk foam on top

Again, except to come across slight variations depending on where you buy your mocha from.

For instance, your local baristas might top your mocha with topping rather than foamy milk, while others won’t even put anything on top of the steamed milk.

Make  A Mocha
Make a Mocha

It’s not such a lot about taste since it’s only a skinny layer of foamy milk.

FAQs About Difference Between Mocha And Latte?

Is A Latte Or Mocha Stronger?

Mocha is hands down the stronger coffee drink. Although both mocha and latte have an equivalent amount of espresso, the quantity of steamed milk used differs greatly.

Caffe latte is made with much more milk in comparison to cafe mocha.
Latte generally uses espresso to milk ratio of 1 to 3 or more (even 1 to 9), while mocha is made only with a bit of steamed milk (around 2 oz).

And this folk makes all the difference in terms of strength.

Mocha is far more concentrated because the amount of espresso used is nearly just like the chocolate and milk content.

Latte though is milk-galore, making it far more diluted.

So, if you prefer a more potent (and sweeter) coffee drink go with mocha.
And if you prefer a more creamy and velvety flavor, try a latte.

Which Is Sweeter Latte Or Mocha?

Mocha, without a shadow of a doubt.

Why? Simply – because there’s chocolate in it!

While latte is extremely milky, creamy, and smooth, it’s just miles faraway from Caffe mocha in terms of sweetness.

But I’m referring to traditional latte and mocha here.

Some unorthodox latte variations add syrups, sweetened whipped cream, and other sweeteners and those would be quite sweet.

But usually speaking, mocha is sweeter than latte any day.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of chocolate is used for making the cafe mocha.

Whether it’s made with milk chocolate, chocolate syrup, cocoa, or even dark chocolate (although that’s more bitter).
Remember – mocha will always be sweeter than a latte.

Is A Latte Stronger Than Regular Coffee?

No, although it depends on what you mean by “regular coffee”.
If you mean coffee with cream/milk and sugar, then yeah – the regular coffee would presumably be stronger than a latte.
That’s because latte is made with a lot of steamed milk, which dilutes the coffee, thus taking away some of its potency i.e. strength (not caffeine amount).
But all of this is relevant when it comes to taste and flavor.
If by the strength we mean the caffeine amount i.e. caffeine kick, then it’s a whole different story.
Still, regular drip coffee will most likely also have more caffeine than a latte!
Although espresso has a higher caffeine amount than drip coffee (gram for gram), regular drip coffee servings are generally much larger: 10-12 oz vs 1-2 oz (single or double shot) for espresso!
You see, two shots of espresso (2 oz) contain about 80 mg of caffeine.
However, a typical 10-oz cup of coffee will contain around 100 mg of caffeine.
Sure, espresso is far stronger than coffee if the serving sizes are equivalent.
Otherwise, it’s safe to say that regular coffee would probably be stronger than a latte.
So, to sum things up – latte and mocha are quite identical as mocha is based on a latte.


However, latte uses far more steamed milk, while mocha is formed with chocolate.

Other than that, they both have espresso, steamed milk (latte has much more), and milk foam on top.

I hope you might have understood the difference between Mocha and Latte. Which one do you prefer though – are you a fan of latte’s creamy and smooth flavor or do you fancy the sweeter mocha drink?

Leave your answer in the comments below!

Thank You! Coffee Lovers.

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