DecentGadget® Coffee Syphon/Siphon Maker 5 Cup Coffee Syphon Pot for Coffee Beans Best Gift for Coffee Lover 500ML

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Price: $41.99 - $39.99
(as of Aug 03,2022 08:31:53 UTC – Details)


People Who will Buy Coffee Syphon:
1.”The Drip Type”: People who dislike the taste of paper filters from drip brewers
2. “The French-press Type”: People who dislike the sediment in the bottom of the cup from the French press method.
3. Coffee Connoisseurs: who consider vacuum pot method far superior to drip coffee.

Product Description:
It has two glass globes, with one sitting on top of the other, a filter between two globes.
The entire set up is suspended over a spirit lamp.

How To Use Our Coffee Syphon
Step 1 – Water is Heated to a boil in the base carafe
Step 2 – Pour coffee grounds into the upper carafe.
Step 3 – The Boiling water will ascend into the upper carafe because of heat expansion
Step 4 – Allow water to fully ascend into the upper carafe, and then remove the heat source for the coffee to brew.
Step 5 – As the Coffee Maker cools, your coffee will begin to filter back down into the bottom carafe due to gravity and the lack of heat pressure
Step 6 – The brewed coffee is finished, and now sits in the base carafe. Remove the upper carafe which contains the spent grounds and pour your coffee from the bottom carafe.

In Seller’s office, We use this coffee syphon to brews 3 cups of coffee to perfection in 10 minutes.
Siphon Brewing – Gives You The Pure And Clean Coffee Flavor You Want!
Ideal gift for coffee connoisseur. Items included: coffee carafe, cloth mesh, measuring spoons, alcohol burner.
Clean & simple design, a classic for any home or office; Imported product;
Theatrical, entertaining method of brewing coffee; 5 Cup Capacity of 500ML;
Heat resistant borosilicate glass construction is light weight, safe with open flames and durable.

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