Data Deer Stovetop Espresso Maker with Great Flavored and Rich Brew Coffee Maker, Moka Pot for Gas Stove, Camping Stove, 6-Cup, Make Italian Espresso Coffee,Multi-color

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b>Product description
Brew Italian espresso coffee within your expection
Moka pot helps you brew a cup of gourmet percolated coffee sharing with your famliy in the wake up morning. No need to step outside to buy cheap coffee instead of handmade coffee.When you use food safety grade aluminium to ensure more healthier life. Or choose use camping coffee maker to enjoy your family in outdoor.
How to use Data Deer stovetop espresso maker
Add water into the base, do not exceed the safety valve
Lay coffee into funnel, swipe off any leftover coffee(note: do not tamp or compress it)
Tightening up the moka pot and place it onto your stove
Brewing starts when the Moka pot starts gurgling. Once the gurgling sounds stop, it means your coffee is finished. Turn off the heat and serve. Enjoy your coffee!

PERFORMANCE FEARTURE : Please notice that our products are suitable for electric stove, gas stove,campling stove.Available in 1cups,3cups,6cups,9cups and 12 cup size. Moka pot easy to make a rich of cuban coffee.
MATERIAL: The quality of the material directly affects the safety of use, adopt aluminum die casting to make pots to avoid leakage and increase thickness of pots. All of improvements ensure the higher quality and more solid. 6 cup coffee maker in Food grade natural aluminium Espresso Moka Coffee Maker
ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN: which is high-temperature resistant and insulating, and it also fits in the hand comfortably. Great for restaurants, serving, parties,home and camping use.
MAKE CLASSIC ITALIAN TASTING: Use a little simple pot to make Italian way coffee, the crema is extracted by the high-pressure steam directly through the coffee powder, make a strong rich taste, and this crema interpret Italian coffee attractive and delicious.
CLEANING AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to clean the moka pot after use because there is a lot of coffee grease left in the pot after brewing, especially the sealing rubber washer will effect taste if not cleaned in time

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