CrossCreek Pour Coffee Dripper Set Manual Drip Coffee-Maker Glass Carafe White Coffee Dripper Coffee Filters 9917-C001-064

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CrossCreek Hand Brewed Coffee MakerCrossCreek Hand Brewed Coffee Maker








CrossCreek Coffee MakersCrossCreek Coffee Makers

CREATES NATURAL FLAVORS PER CUP: Our Reusable Filter give you a better taste. It ensures that the most essential coffee oils and nutrients pass through to your coffee, while preventing any grounds from getting into your cup. Smoother and less bitter tongue tip experience
KEEP COFFEE WARM. This coffee cup is made of durable ceramic. It keeps coffee warm better than glass and metal and extends the time for coffee to cool. The conical filter can make the coffee powder pile higher, make it easier to inject water with drawing circles, which is conducive to uniform steaming
600ML GLASS SQUARE CARAFE. The coffee square carafe is made of glass. It can be full filled about 600ml coffee. The square carafe is made of pure and borosilicate glass to ensure the purity and clean taste of your coffee. High borosilicate glass will make this square carafe to be an anti-high and low temperature carafe
AS A GIFT BUY IT: This exquisite packing set is perfect as coffee gifts for your family, friends, superior who are coffee lovers. No odors, no chemicals. Giving you a fresh tasting coffee every time
TASTY HOMEMADE COFFEE. Our pour over coffee cup will provide you with a comfortable experience of making a homemade warm fragrant coffee without any extra tools. Will give you a perfect cup of coffee in no time

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