Crema Coffee Products | 51mm Bottomless Naked Portafilter | Fits 51mm DeLonghi Dedica | EC680, EC685 (Dark-Medium)

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Price: $89.00
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Bottomless (aka naked) portafilters are an essential tool for identifying and correcting extraction problems that cannot be seen with standard spouted portafilters. Issues such as under- or overdosing, inconsistent or incorrect grind size, uneven tamp pressure, or unevenly distributed grinds, can all cause improper extraction.
One of the most common visible signs that you’re experiencing extraction issues is through channeling (or spurting), which cannot be seen with a standard spouted portafilter. Exposing the bottom of your portafilter basket will allow you to witness these extraction issues first hand, providing an opportunity to diagnose and improve the quality of your shots.
PLEASE NOTE: Channeling and spurting can be very messy, but are EXTREMELY common. This is not a defect of the portafilter itself, but instead is your coffee telling you that there’s room for improvement in your preparation process (grind size, tamping, distribution, etc.).

51MM SIZE – Designed to work with 51mm Delonghi Dedica EC680, EC685
FAMILY OWNED – As a small family owned business we’re passionate about our products. We care deeply about the community we’re building and would love for you to be a part of it!
IMPROVE EXTRACTIONS AND INCREASE CREMA – Identify and correct extraction problems such as channeling and spurting
HANDLE COLOR MAY VARY – All handles are made of 100% natural sandalwood. Due to natural variations, handle color may vary from photos
51MM FILTER BASKET INCLUDED – Double shot, non-pressurized filter basket included

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