Coffee Pot,Jabroyee 300ml Aluminum Italian Espresso Coffee Maker Pot Espresso Kettle Percolators Stove Pot for Home/Office/Cafe (pink)

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Price: $23.77
(as of Dec 07,2021 22:39:57 UTC – Details)


Type:coffee pot
Material:aluminum, plastic
Item color:pink
Net weight:460g/16.23oz

1 coffee pot
1 package box

The perfect coffee machine: This espresso machine is perfect for espresso making. The quality of the material directly affects the safety of use. The coffee pot is made of aluminum die-casting method to avoid leakage and increase the thickness of the pot. All improvements ensure higher quality and stronger performance
High-quality filter: The filter is made of high-quality aluminum material, and its surface is covered with a fine oxide layer to prevent it from rusting in a water environment. It is hard, strong and durable
Ergonomic handle design: It has high temperature resistance and heat insulation performance, and it can be held comfortably in the hand. Very suitable for restaurant, service, party, family and camping use
Easy to use: The coffee pot is made of high-quality aluminum and will not be scratched or damaged when placed on gas stoves and electric stoves. Just add coffee powder and water to it, place it on the stove, and wait for it to boil through the funnel filter. Couldnt be easier
Easy to clean: The detachable design makes the coffee pot easy to disassemble so that it can be easily cleaned next time it is used. Be sure to clean the moka pot after use, because a lot of coffee grease remains in the pot after brewing, especially the sealing rubber gasket will produce a smell if it is not cleaned in time.

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