Coffee Maker Aluminum Mocha Espresso Percolator Pot Coffee Maker Moka Pot Espresso Shot Maker Espresso Machine (50ml for 1 cup)

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Specifications: Product Name: Coffee Maker Type: 1 Cup, 2 Cups, 3 Cups, 6 Cups, 9 Cups, 12 Cups (Optional) Material: Aluminum Color: Silver Height: 130mm/5.12in, 135mm/5.31in, 150mm/5.91in, 185mm/7.28in, 215mm/8.46in, 240mm/9.45in Bottom Diameter: 60mm/2.36in, 70mm/2.76in, 77mm/3.03in, 90mm/3.54in, 120mm/4.72in, 120mm/4.72in Capacity: 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 300ml, 450ml, 600ml The Cleaning Method: 1.After the coffee maker has cooled down, unscrew the upper pot, remove the funnel, pour off the coffee residue, and tap the funnel several times to pour the residual coffee grounds in the middle of the funnel. 2.Wash with water and dry. Do not wash with sand and soda, which will damage the surface. 3.Long-term use, because the bottom of the hard water will change color, can be removed with water mixed with vinegar. 4.After each cup of coffee, clean the silicone ring or rubber ring inside the cup. Package Informations: Package Size:17.3*26*13.2cm Package Weight: 564g/1.24lb General Box Package Package Included: 1 x Coffee Maker
1.The mocha pot is a two-layer structure. After the water in the lower part is boiled, it is sprayed into the upper part of the pot through a mesh filter containing coffee powder.
2.Mocha coffee pot is made of high-quality aluminum material, the color is silver, high temperature resistance, and easy to clean.
3.The top of the silver coffee pot features a small black plastic round head with a three-dimensional stripe design and a black plastic handle at the back of the pot.
4.Fine workmanship, more than Italian original, good thermal conductivity, with coffee pressboard (ie coffee press), the product is originally exported, available household gas stove, travel stove and alcohol stove.
5.The Mocha pot is durable, the brewed coffee is thick and fragrant, and the unique layer of coffee oil is more popular.

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