Coffee Machine, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte Pod Machine, Silver

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Price: $159.99
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Style: The automatic, ultra-compact capsule coffee machine, is designed to perfectly fit your single-cup brewing needs with a small footprint. Ideal for locations serving less than 6 cups per day. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY COFFEE – Create professional quality coffees with a thick velvety crema, thanks to the machine?s high-pressure system (up to 15 bars). With our hermetically sealed capsules, which preserve coffee freshness, you?ll enjoy rich aromatic cups every time. This automatic machine is so easy to use: just slide in a capsule, customize your beverage size with the toggle stick and push the button. Or, if you want your coffee as easy as possible, follow the preparation suggestions on the capsule. A convenient eco-mode feature automatically switches off your coffee machine after 5 minutes of inactivity, meaning this machine has an A rating in energy consumption. 15 COFFEE CREATIONS, you can enjoy 15 premium coffee creations, whether you like your coffee short or long, black or white. Enjoy a choice of intense Espresso, aromatic Medium Roast, and full-bodied Dark Roast, to frothy Cappuccino and smooth Latte Macchiato. Stimulate your senses with our exciting coffee solutions. Our machines look stunning in any professional space and consistently craft great-tasting hot and cold specialty coffees in rich, deep flavors with enticing aromas. . Dimensions 6. 5W x 10. 2″ D x 11. 7″H. Weighs 6 pounds. Electrical: 120V, 60Hz, max. 1460W. 
The coffee machine is an automatic capsule coffee machine, designed to perfectly fit your single cup, black and specialty coffee brewing needs with a small footprint.
With 15 flavor varieties, choose from authentic Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and more. Use the toggle stick to control the LED display to select the size and temperature to create your perfect cup. Included Components: Used Capsule Bin
PRESSURE BASED SYSTEM ? The 15 bars of pressure allows high-level extraction for optimal flavor, aroma, and body delivered consistently in every cup
EASY INTERFACE – Use the toggle-stick to adjust the LED display controlling the size and intensity of your coffee, Match the LED bars to the bars on your capsule, position the toggle stick to either hot or cold, and brew.
ULTIMATE COFFEE FRESHNESS – After spending our time crafting the perfect coffee, we then hermetically seal the capsule to prevent humidity and oxygen from damaging our coffee. This proprietary technology ensures an intensely aromatic and fresh cup every time.

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