Coffee Bottomless Portafilter 51mm Compatible with DeLonghi Espresso Machine EC680/EC685, Stainless Steel Naked Portafilter with Filter Basket

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Size: 51mm
Item: 51mm Bottomless Portafilter
Material: Wooden+Stainless Steel
Size: 23.2*7.5*4.7 cm (9.13″*2.95″*1.85″)
Packing Weight: 350g
Compatibility: This 51mm bottomless(aka naked) portafilter compatible with Delonghi Espresso Machines EC680 and EC685.
Filter Basket 51mm Stainless Steel Coffee Accessories
> Food-grade stainless steel, eco-friendly and non-toxic, more sanitary and safer.
> When brewing, the overall dissolution rate of the coffee is balanced.
> The bottomless design can help observed the flow column, flow rate, color, flow column stripes, etc. It’s an important tool for identifying and correcting extraction problems that are not seen by standard spout portafilters.
> Find the defects and errors before extraction, and better judge the uniformity of extraction.
> The coffee extracted by the bottomless handle has more crema and better quality.  
> Ergonomic solid wooden handle for a comfortable grip and provides stable handling.
> Detachable design, convenient and quick, more easy to use and easy to clean.
> A great tool for beginners and experts. It help you to extract professional espresso.
> Please Note: Do not wash the bottomless portafilter in the dishwasher. Because high temperature will discolor the wood.
> Insufficient or excessive dosage, inconsistent or incorrect grinding size, uneven compaction pressure or uneven grinding distribution may all lead to improper extraction.
> Due to the light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
> Please allow 0.1-1 cm differences due to manual measurement.
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will respond to you within 24 hours and try our best to solve the problem.
Package Include:
1Pc × Naked Bottomless Portafilter
[Suitable Model]—The crema coffee product: 3 Ears coffee bottomless handle compatible with Delonghi Espresso Machines EC680 and EC685.
[51mm Filter Basket]— Fine hole design, surrounding filter screen, evenly filter the coffee powder, labor-saving, and light to use, high working efficiency.
[Extraction Improvement]— With this bottomless portafilter, you can clearly see how the shiny golden espresso flows when everything goes perfect. 51mm Bottomless portafilters are an essential tool for identifying and correcting extraction problems that cannot be seen with standard spouted portafilters.
[Premium Quality]— Portafilter head mades of high quality food grade stainless steel and has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and durability. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, more hygienic and safer.
[Ergonomic Design/Easy to clean]— Solid surface and ergonomic design to ensure perfect grip and easy manual control. Detachable and easy to clean, can effectively prevent residues, stains, odors, etc.

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