Coffee Bean Roaster, Coffee Roaster Machine for Home Use Nut Peanut Cashew Chestnuts Roasting Machine 110V

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Product Description

Coffee Roaster Machine for Home UseCoffee Roaster Machine for Home Use

If you enjoy fresh roasted coffee, having a home roaster will be right up your alley.

Roasting coffee beans at home can experiment with the coffee flavor profile of the beans and ensure the freshest possible roast.

coffee roaster electriccoffee roaster electric

coffee roaster minicoffee roaster mini

Package Include:

1 X 3KG Electric Coffee Beans Roasting Machine 110V

Features for 110V 750G Household Coffee Roaster Machine

Large roasting chamber of 26.45 oz with an average roast time of about 25 minutes.Automatic auger keeps even and uniform roast every time.Simple to operate and easy to clean up.Quiet working with safety feature.Smoke reduction system eliminates a majority of the smoke.

home coffee roasterhome coffee roaster

coffee roasterscoffee roasters

3kg coffee roaster3kg coffee roaster

Heat resistance handle:

Safe handlebar design close to every user

0-240 degrees Celsius is available:

Baking is very simple, depending on the coffee beans, choose different temperatures

Transparent glass cover:

The condition of the beans can be observed at any time during the baking process.

coffee beans roastercoffee beans roaster

Professional household roaster can roaster coffee bean, popcorn, peanuts, raw melon seeds, soybeans, coix, black bean, chestnut ans so on.

☕High Efficiency: 110V coffee bean roaster has a powerful agitator, roast 750 grams (1.65lb/26.45 ounces) green coffee beans in 25 minutes, larger roasting chambers for big volume roasting.
☕Good Design Electric Roaster: Waffle-shaped internal structure for even and quite roasting. Upper holes let you listen to the popping sounds to gauge the coffee roasting process. Transparent lid lets you see the roasting color easily. Adjustable temperature from 100-240℃(212-464℉) let you get exactly the roast you’re looking for. Nonstick finish makes it easy to clean. Heat resistance grip protects your hands, but it’s wise to wear gloves to protect from heat.
☕Home Coffee Roasters: The smoke reduction system for this commercial coffee roaster significantly reduces smoke and odor, pleasant indoor roasting experience, and smell the coffee flavors of baked beans.
☕Easy Use: Automatic coffee roaster is great for beginners who are just starting to roast coffee at home. Very easy to use, greater operability, just choose the desired temperature for different roasting requirements,the thermostatically controlled roasting elements make sure the roasted beans evenly and reached the desired roast level.
☕Multi-function: Affordable coffee been roaster machine for home use can be used to roast many kinds of beans including peanuts, popping popcorn, raw melon seeds and so is a dual-use Baking Machine that does the job well.

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