CNPIGDOG Multicolors Classic italian espresso maker stovetop,3 Cups and 150ml coffee maker moka pot ,Cuban and Greca coffee maker,Octagonal Coffee Pot,Brewer coffee percolator stovetop (Purple)

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Price: $25.98
(as of Apr 16,2022 12:02:32 UTC – Details)


Product size: Bottom diameter of the pot×pot height 3 cup:3.3×6.1 inches
Note: You need to use the smallest fire of the smallest size gas stove to make coffee, so as not to melt the handle of the coffee pot because the handle of the coffee pot is made of plastic. Avoid high temperature to extend the use time of the coffee pot handle. Enjoy your coffee brewing time. Generally speaking, it takes about five minutes to brew coffee with the smallest fire. Don’t be impatient, we can enjoy the process of slow brewing, close our eyes and use our nose to feel the aroma of coffee extraction.

【CLASSIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO MAKER】:The first cup of coffee in the morning can be done for you by our coffee makers. A cup of traditional Italian espresso will start your whole day with energy, it only takes a few minutes, no need to plug in, as long as your home has a gas stove, you can easily get a cup of aromatic espresso
【CLASSIC DESIGEN AND SAFTEY MOKA POT 】:Classic octagonal design, two-color splicing, more youthful and stylish, food-grade aluminum coffee pot body, long-term use will not produce harmful substances
【EASY TO USE WITH INSTRUCTIONS】: For using the stovetop espresso maker Unscrew the top and remove the filter funnel from the base. Fill the base with fresh water up to the level of the safety valve and insert the filter funnel. Fill the filter funnel with ground coffee (do not press down), and screw the top firmly to the base. Using low heat, you will be rewarded with a room full of coffee aroma as it slowly simmers, and in about 3-5 minutes, you will have a classic espresso.
【COMPACT AND EASY TO CLEAN】: This size of espresso maker is ideal for you compact and suitable for small surfaces without taking up space in your kitchen,Cleaning is very simple, just rinse with simple water, but be careful to wait until the coffee pot is completely cool before entering the water to clean
【Great Value & Easy To Carry】:This manual coffee machine is perfect when on the go,It is made of high-quality and lightweight materials, can be easily stuffed inside your bag or luggage without breaking or bending. Ideal to bring along with you when traveling to places where great coffee may not be available.

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