CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – (100 Tablets) For Breville, Jura, Miele, and Universal Coffee Machine for All Brands – Professional Coffee Grease and Residue Cleaner for Baristas (1)

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Product Description

cleanhike cleaning tabletscleanhike cleaning tablets

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CleanHike Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

Make Your Espresso Machine Cleaning Simpler

Espresso machines are a staple of any barista, but due to its complex structure and millions of parts cleaning can be excruciating! It’s tragic that it cannot be skipped- because it’s critical for keeping the machine at its maximum lifetime and optimal performance.

Now, let us take the burden off your hands.

What is it?

Industrial-strength espresso machine cleaning tablets. Upon contact with water, the tablets release a gentle oxygen fizz that eliminates odor and effectively removes coffee grease to keep machine and its parts clean.

How does it work?

Eliminate lingering odor and taste

Removes stubborn grease and stains

Easy Use. No scrubbing needed

Maintains cleanliness in hard-to-reach areas

Accessible value for everyday use

how it workshow it works

How does it work?

In a separate bowl, dissolve 1-2 tablets in hot water to clean filters and group handlesPlace 1 tablet in the brew basket (2 for extra powerful cleaning)Run brew cycle into the server and hold (Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to avoid damage)Discard solution and remove any residueRinse all parts with clean waterBrew and discard a cup of espresso to make sure no residue remainsStart enjoying fresh shots again!

Why Our Customers Love Us

easy useeasy use


safe naturalsafe natural

Quick and Easy Use

All you need is a single tablet and some warm water. After running 1 brew cycle, voilá! your espresso machine will be good as new once again. Let the fizz strip away any lingering coffee taste, grease, or any stubborn stains.

No-Stress, Accessible Value

To keep your espresso machines at its peak performance without breaking the bank, we have prepared an industrial-size and industrial-strength option.

Safe and Powerful Formula

All of our tablets have passed numerous trials to test their safety and efficacy. We are proud to say that they were proven to be up to standards and that’s why we’re putting them on the market for everyone that could benefit from them.

Anywhere, Anytime!

hard to reach espressohard to reach espresso

coffee tastecoffee taste

extend machine lifeextend machine life

coffee machinecoffee machine

Reaches tricky areas

Your coffee passes through many parts of the machine that is not visible to the eye nor easily reachable. The formula is powerful enough to remove residue and grease in all passageways that the water passes until it reaches the cup.

Restores Fresh Espresso Taste

The oily residue can change the taste of the espresso, making it difficult to get the pure flavor of the beans. Clean it after each day to maintain the best-tasting coffee you can brew with your machine.

Helps extend machine life

Aside from the residue, mineral deposits dissolved in water can accumulate and ruin the heating elements in your machine. Prevent any damage with continuous cleaning and care.

Works on all coffee machines

The fast-acting tablets can be universally used on all brands of espresso machines, and even on automatic drip coffee makers and single cup coffee makers.


cleanhike brandcleanhike brand

Tried & Tested

We care for you, and for our planet.

Our products are only made up of phamaceutical and food-grade ingredients, carefully crafted and meticulously tested numerous times to make sure that it’s safe for both you and the environment.

At CleanHike, we continuously strive to bring you the most effective cleaners for the most affordable prices.

Safe and Eco-friendly : Natural, non-toxic ingredient is safe for you and the environment. This biodegradable formula is also chlorine-free, leaving no traces whatsoever.
Reliable : 100 powerful tablets created for professional barista use. Effectively removes coffee grease and residue for longer lasting, better performing machines. Take good care of what you use every day- constantly and reliably.
Quick and Easy : All you need is 1-2 cleaning tablet, water, and a bit of your time. Just place it in the brew basket, run one cycle, discard, and finish off with a rinse.
Economical : Not only are these fast-acting tablets less than 1/10 the price, they can be universally used on any espresso machine, even high-end brands such as Breville, Jura, Miele, and more.
Get on board with confidence : Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you are not fully content with your purchase, please contact us and we’ll replace them for a new one or help you access the reimbursement process straight away.

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