CKductpro French Press Coffee Maker, Coffee Presses 2 In 1 Travel Coffee & Tea Pot 1000ML,3 layers of filter element + 2 layers of spare filter element,with cleaning brush,Two-way water outlet,gold

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Product Description


Unique filtering method of the lidUnique filtering method of the lid

Unique filtering method of the lid

Cooperate closely and will not leak coffee residueCooperate closely and will not leak coffee residue

100 mesh density100 mesh density

Add filter layerAdd filter layer

Work closely

Coffee lovers always encounter troubles, and they can’t filter out pure coffee.

100 mesh density

Use a density screen to filter out very small impurities

Add filter layer

It is undeniable that we have added a layer of insurance for coffee lovers to make the coffee taste more mellow

34OZ French press pot

34OZ French press pot34OZ French press pot

To meet the needs of different groups of people, single or double can be deployed as required, and 8 cups can be allocated during parties

Rounded headRounded head

Big handleBig handle

Wire drawing platingWire drawing plating

Rounded head

Suitable for force requirements, making pressing and stretching more user-friendly and convenient

Big handle

No matter big hands, small hands, ladies hands, men hands, old hands, everything is fine

Wire drawing plating

Always so beautiful, always so high-end, it is a good choice for your gift

☕ Our advantage: 304 stainless steel, thick heat-resistant borosilicate glass, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant metal parts, body, base, filter assembly and top cover, which are durable. At the same time, we have 2 spare replaceable filters and professional cleaning brushes
☕ Easy to use:Very easy to use, just add coffee, boil water, stir and let sit 5-10 mins to steep. Put the filter press on top and gently push down until it is to the bottom and pour. Perfect fresh coffee each cup! Super easy to clean too!
☕ Reliable materials:Coffee is the primary purpose, but you can also use it to make tea, espresso, milk frother, hot chocolate and juice more,Crystal clear and high temperature resistant,The highest temperature can reach: 150℃, the lowest temperature can reach: -50℃.The handle of our French pressure pot is made of plastic, will not burn your hands, and adopts an ergonomic shape,Comfortable grip
☕ Perfect appearance:The window grille design perfectly blends ancient beauty and modern beauty, making the whole product more artistic, elegant and advanced. The CKductpro French press pot is practical and appreciative. When you are not using it, it is a work of art. When you use it: you can clearly see the specific water level of the coffee
☕ Satisfaction Guarantee: CKductpro’s first priority is your satisfaction. We are honored to provide customers with quality products and assured warranty services. Note: The damage rate of French press pot during transportation is 1%. If you receive a damaged product, please take a photo and contact us. We will provide perfect after-sales service in time.Warranty for 90 days, if you have any questions within 90 days, please feel free to contact us for replacement

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