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Chorreador Costa Rica Orange Butterfly Wood Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand – Manual Drip Coffee Maker Portable for Easy Coffee Hand Drip Thru Cloth Coffee Sock Filter Handmade Coffee Maker Pour Over

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The traditional way to brew coffee in Costa Rica is by using a “chorreador coffee maker”. The name comes from the Spanish verb “chorrear” which means “to drip” it consists of a wooden stand with a hole at the top that holds a cloth bag (bolsita) used as a reusable cafe filter. It’s perfectly normal for the cloth filter to turn brown, but this will not affect or change the taste of the coffee. Actually "La Bolsita" is "cured" with prolonged use which makes the coffee taste better every day! A filter can be used for as long as 3 months, just rinse it in warm water after each use without any kind of soap. (soap or detergent to clean the cloth filter will leave undesirable taste). Allow the cloth filter to dry between uses.
This type of pour over coffee brewer is simple and easy to use as a pour over coffee stand: Unfold the drip coffee stand made of costa rica wood so the hole for the cloth coffee filter is on top.  Place the coffee cloth strainer inside the opening of the Choreador so the coffeesock hangs down. Add your favorite coffee grind inside the coffee strainer cloth filter. The amount of coffee you place in the reusable cloth coffee filter depends on the amount of coffee you want to make. Place a cup or larger coffee holder pot to collect the brewed pour over coffee drip.  Pour boiling water slowly, the amount of water added should be in accordance with the coffee strength you want to brew. 
This Chorreador folds to 10.5 x 5.5 x 1.25 inches. Full size when making coffee is 10.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Take this portable coffee maker camping. Then just unfold the coffee pour over stand for your coffee maker travel.
This pour over coffee kit includes a flannel filter (Colador/Bolsa) Size: Large: 7"x4"x0.25" with a metal wire handle. Costa Rican coffee filter available on Amazon at ASIN B07N5P39ZJ
A Costa Rica Handmade Wooden Coffee Stand has a Beautiful Carved Relief and Painted Orange Butterfly
Make Coffee Like they do Coffee Costa Rica by Using Manual Coffee Makers with a Pour Over Dripper
It Folds up for Easy Storage and Portability as a Coffee Pour Over Travel Coffee Maker
A cloth coffee strainer (coledor de cafe) is included to complete this Pour Over Coffee Set
Enjoy Gourmet Coffee with this Artistic Hand Made Coffee Maker and Save on Elec. and coffee filters


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