Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker & Dripper Hand Brewed Durable Carafe and Cone Funnel Coffee Drip with Ceramics Coffee filter cup 17 oz,3-4 cup

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Price: $39.90 - $35.90
(as of Jan 21,2022 16:44:45 UTC – Details)


Product Description


Porcelain is one of the most popular materials used for making cups, and with good reasons.It is very hard, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. Its good insulating abilities ensure that your coffee will remain hot for a long time.




Among the many coffee cups of this world, everyone has their special favourite one, even if we don’t put much thought into it.

Every day, we hold them in our hands. In the mornings, they get up when we do, no matter how early it is. And they accompany us through our workday, always there when we need them.

Fancy Coffee Cups and Cool Coffee Mugs

Designers all over the world have put much thought into using different materials, ergonomics of coffee drinking and especially into cup design – and created various unusual designer coffee mugs and espresso cups.

This is how our coffee cups are always an indication of who we are.

Coffee cups are much more than just cups.Simple cups with handles, playful ones with large graphic images or comic-book printing – you will find exactly the cup that is perfect for you. A cup that brings you a bit of joy every day.


EXPERTLY DESIGNED:eagle-shaped arc, graceful lines,Large, stylish handle and distinctive pour spout for easy, confident pours without messy drips and spills
Dislocation diversion slot: dislocation design diversion slot, with V60 design, this structure makes the water flow more smooth, coffee more fragrant
PREMIUM CERAMIC:the coffee maker is made of high-temperature ceramics and all- matte surface.The fully insulated ceramic dripper and pitcher are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to scratch or fade.
CAFE QUALITY FLAVOR:To brew the perfect cup of balance fresh, rich in aroma coffee, just need to slowly pour over the heat water into the filter at the perfect temperature to adjust the flow of water with the optimal for ideal coffee extraction.
Brew Like A Barista: Elegance, convenience and fresh brewed taste is all included in this set, which includes a porcelain pour-over cone and a matching 18 ounce porcelain serving carafe

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