Camping Coffee Percolator – With Enamel Coating Gloss Finish And Glass Cap For Durability And Strength – Campsite Coffee Pot Makes 12 Cups – Comes With Basket For Grounds And Stainless Steel Spoon

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A camp percolator coffee pot will add magic and warmth to your outdoor adventures. Enjoy a steaming cup of campfire coffee anywhere, anytime by taking our camping percolator coffee pot with you!
A kiln-hardened enamel coating keeps this coffee maker for camping from getting chipped even in the more rustic kind of accommodations. Durable and rust-resistant, this pot is made for outdoor adventures!
This camping coffee pot percolator is designed for RVs, cabins, campsites and your home kitchen. With a generous 12 cup capacity, there’s enough to share with a group of friends or large family.
Never be without a delicious, satisfying cup of coffee! This percolator coffee pot camping is perfect for every outdoor adventure. A hot cup of joe on a cool morning in nature is an amazing experience any coffee lover will enjoy. 

  • 12 cup coffee pot
  • Makes 2.8 liters
  • Inner Basket
  • Stainless steel spoon – 6.69″total with 1.4″ scoop 
  • Clear glass cap
  • Enamel coating
  • Color – blue

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💖 Coffee With Every Adventure – If you love camping, you also know that late nights or early mornings in the woods can get pretty cold. This camp coffee pot is designed to brew rich, aromatic coffee outdoors over the fire so you can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee anywhere, anytime.
👍 Fast and Simple to Use – Just put water and coffee grounds into the percolator coffee pot and then place it over the fire to boil.This coffee pot makes a wonderful decoration as well. Your coffee will be ready in no time at all!
✅ Rust-Resistant Camping Coffee Maker Designed for Outdoor Use – Designed to be durable and rust-proof, our camping coffee maker features kiln hardened enamel coating for added durability and to prevent any chipping.
👍 Portable and Compact – Lightweight and compact, this campfire coffee pot is ideal for brewing coffee in RV campsites, cabins, or your home kitchen. With its generous 12 cup capacity, it’s perfect for groups.
🔶 Camping Coffee Maker Value Pack With Everything You Need – Included is the internal basket for holding grounds and a stainless steel spoon for measuring the perfect amount of coffee every time.

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