CAFÉ BREW COLLECTION High end French Press Double Wall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish (1L/34oz.) Coffee/Tea Maker: 18/10 Stainless Steel, Rust-Free, Dishwasher Safe

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Product Description

cuisinart mr coffee hamilton beach black & decker keurig green mountain permanent filters carafescuisinart mr coffee hamilton beach black & decker keurig green mountain permanent filters carafes

The Café Brew brand and Café Brew Collection of kitchen & dining housewares including coffee makers, kettles and brewing accessories is distributed by Medelco, Incorporated in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. Medelco, founded in 1976, is a family owned and operated business now into its second generation. The Café Brew Collection is dedicated to making the lives of kitchen consumers easier. We strive to create useful, high-quality coffee products at a great value. Now In business for over 40 years, we look forward to serving our customers and providing new and innovative coffee and tea products for years to come.

medelco double wall french pressmedelco double wall french press

How Does Our French Press Work?

The Café Brew French Press works by steeping (brewing) coffee grounds and hot water. Once the coffee is done steeping, a metal mesh filter is pressed to the bottom of the Press which separates the coffee grounds from the liquid coffee destined for your mug. The metal mesh filter allows the natural oils found in coffee and fine particles to pass through it giving the coffee a thick body.

coffee grindscoffee grinds

Immersion Brewing

This process of steeping coffee and water together for an extended time is called immersion brewing because the coffee is immersed in the water as opposed to drip brewing where the water flows through the coffee grounds.

Since the coffee and water are mixed together it is easy to get a uniform extraction with immersion brewers. However this method is vulnerable to over extraction if the coffee is ground too small or the coffee and water are left to steep for too long.

The French Press Steeping (Brewing) Process Made Easy!

French Press Coffee MakerFrench Press Coffee Maker

SterlingPro Sterling ProSterlingPro Sterling Pro

Bodum coffee potBodum coffee pot

DeLonghi pressDeLonghi press

Step 1

Add your favorite coffee (coarse grind) to the French Press. See our Tips below for recommended coffee amounts.

Step 2

Fill with hot water and gently stir the coffee/water for a few seconds to ensure all of the coffee grounds are wet.

Place the top on the Press with the plunger pulled all of the way up to help keep the water hot while the coffee brews.

Step 3

Steep the coffee for about 3-1/2 minutes. When steeping is complete, press the plunger downwards to separate the grounds from the coffee.

Step 4

Once the plunger reaches the bottom, pour the brewed coffee slowly from the French Press into your mug and enjoy!

French Press TipsFrench Press Tips

French Press Coffee to Water Ratio Tips

What is the best coffee to water ratio? We’ve provided a chart here as a guideline, but ultimately it depends on your taste. Feel free to experiment with a ratios, coffee grind and type.

Product Features Made of high-quality stainless steel 1L / 34oz. capacity coffee maker Double wall construction keeps your coffee hot longer than glass presses Easy pour designed spout Dishwasher safe

french press crustfrench press crust

The Coffee Crust & Your Coffee

After steeping is complete, you will be left with a crust-like layer of coffee grounds on the surface that formed while the coffee was steeping. The final taste and texture of the coffee can be changed depending on how the crust is handled.

For a full bodied final result use a spoon to gently break up the crust and briefly stir it. This will cause most of the coffee to fall to the bottom of the beaker.

For a light bodied final result use the spoon to scoop the crust off and discard it. Keep scooping until you have removed all the floating coffee grounds.

☕️ SUPERIOR TASTE: Coffee brewed from a French Press gives you absolute control over the infusion time (longer infusion time produces a bolder and stronger cup). Cafe Brews Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press has a unique screen filter that allows essential coffee oils to make their way into your coffee cup; oils that would normally be blocked out and eliminated by paper filters. Save paper, while savoring your coffee.
☕️ Cafe Brew’s high quality stainless steel parts won’t rust, and the double wall construction has superior thermal retention meaning your coffee will stay hot longer.
☕️ Cafe Brew’s high end double wall stainless steel French Press is super inexpensive, simple to use, easy to clean, better for the environment (because no disposable filters are needed) and takes up virtually no space in your kitchen.
☕️ Cafe Brews Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup after brewing your coffee.
☕️Our 1L/34oz. French Press is similar to the SterlingPro French Press, designed with double walled Stainless Steel which retains brewing temperature better than glass versions and also won’t shatter when dropped. Add Cafe Brew’s French Press to your cart and treat yourself to some amazingly flavorful home brewed coffee!

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