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Buy Coffee Roaster from the List of Top 8 Roasters

Why roast at home?

Buy Coffee Roaster

Usually, coffee lovers go to coffee shops to have a cup of coffee. They get the taste as per the standards of the cafe.

But if you want to assure yourselves that you are getting fresh coffee brewed specially by you every time you have to make it by yourself.

I know it might take some time to learn the process, but if we get a fresh cup of coffee according to our taste preference then why not?

We can easily learn how to select Green coffee? How to roast the beans at home?

There are lots of benefits of roasting coffee at home. You can get a fresh coffee, save money, your taste preference and after all you can learn a new skill. 

So, We think it’s good enough to roast your coffee at your home. 

You might be a little confused that roasting your own coffee is worth it?

YES or NO?

Let’s understand this thing…

Is roasting your own coffee worth it?

It almost depends on what kind of coffee drinker you are? How much do you love your cup of coffee? 

How much do you want to have control on every step of processing coffee beans?

How much do you want to learn about coffee? 

Do you have time to make fresh coffee for you? Do you want to compromise with the freshness of your coffee? 

If you have the answers to these questions you well know how worth it is to roast your own coffee at your home?

I would suggest you buy a budget friendly Coffee roaster at the beginning and learn the process of roasting. When you will build your skill and will be aware of the technique and timing of roasting, you can upgrade it or buy a new one. 

I know you might be thinking the same as 

 Benefits of home roasting

1.Fresh Roast

Fresh roasted coffee tastes better than anything you buy from cafes around you. 

2.Cost Cutting

The Green beans are less expensive as compared to the Roasted coffee beans available in the cafes and markets. This way you can save a huge amount of money by buying green beans.


You can experiment with different Coffee beans, different suppliers by roasting it according to your preferences. This will help you to choose a new taste of coffees. 


You can have control over the roast quality of your coffee if you roast it by yourself. There is a lot of variation in roast levels. You can choose the best as per your preference.

5.Start with an Cheaper Roaster

You can start to roast your beans with a cheaper popcorn roaster machine or in a stove or in the oven. This will not give you an even roast quality but for learning purposes you can do it. It will be cost effective at the beginning. 

These were some benefits of roasting coffee in your home. 

Oh, Now we will know how many types of roasters are available in the market?

Types of Roaster Machines

Popcorn Makers

Obviously, by the name of the machine we can understand that it is not made for roasting coffee.

It is a popcorn maker machine but in this we can roast our coffee by giving extra care while roasting the coffee beans. You won’t get even roasted coffee beans from it. 

You might be thinking of why am I saying this a roasting machine?

The thing is, If you are a beginner you can start with this machine as you can understand well about roasting techniques using this machine and it’s cheaper too. 

Later you can upgrade it to below mentioned two different types.

Fluid Air Bed Roasters

Fluid Air Bed Roaster uses direct heat to roast the beans. This machine works by pushing hot air through the roasting chambers. Thus, the heat directly comes in contact with the coffee beans and starts roasting.

The Air roasters are very similar to the Popcorn makers as they are small in  size and used for roasting a small batch of coffee beans. If you want to roast one or few batches for a week then it’s the best suitable roasting machine for you. 

Drum Roasters

Drum Roasters are bigger in size. This Machine uses indirect heat. It has a rotating roast chamber inside the machine.

The heat is applied to the exterior of the chamber and beans get rotated inside the chamber. As the beans come in contact with the heated base they get rotated and evenly roasted.

If you have a coffee lover family member and they used to have 3-4 cups of coffee a day. Then this roaster is a must buy for you. 

A Quick Guide on Roast Levels

If you are ready to roast your beans at your home, then you should be aware of the different levels of roasting. So, now we will discuss the roasting levels:


We use the Green beans for roasting. The beans are green in colour for a few minutes as we begin roasting. 


The Green beans turn yellow in colour after a few minutes and a grassy smell comes out of it.


As the coffee beans get heated properly then it starts evaporating and you see some steam coming out of the beans.

4.First Crack

After a few minutes of steam level, you will hear the cracking sound from the beans. This occurs when the beans expand and the sugars caramelising starts.

After the cracking sound your beans will start running from one level to another, before reaching the next level.

The beans will look ranging from light-medium to medium dark in color and should remain dry. 

5.Second Crack

As you roast the beans more, you will hear a violent sound. That is the second crack sound of the beans and this indicates to us that we are roasting the beans for a seriously dark roast. 

Now, you can see some oil on the surface of the beans. 

As per our recommendation, you should take the beans out of the roaster as you listen to the second Crack sound of the beans. 


As we continue our roasting the beans will become more dark as it will start burning now. The beans surface will become more oily and a pungent smell will start coming out of it. If the coffee beans get burnt it won’t taste proper. 

How to Roast coffee beans at home? 

Roasting your coffee beans at home has become very easy these days. There are several methods of roasting your beans at your home. You can follow any one of them as follows:

1.Pan/ Grill


3.Popcorn Maker

4.Fliud Air Bed Roaster/ Drum Roaster

Roasting by the Pan/ Grill and Oven will be the cheapest way but the roasting is done uneven in this method. We recommend you to choose either the popcorn maker or the purpose- built home roaster machine. 

These machines will give you a better roast quality and evenly roasted coffee beans. You have to just go through the roasting levels to understand better how you have to roast your beans.

The price of popcorn maker will be around $20 – $50. Whereas, the Purpose- build home roasters will cost you around $500 to $700. 

How much time does it take to Roast Coffee Beans?

The roasting time depends upon the quantity of the batch and the method you are using. Usually the small batch takes around 10 minutes whereas, a large batch takes approx. 16 – 20 minutes. 

How to choose the right coffee roaster?

Choosing a coffee roaster will be easy for you, if you know the factors which can help you to filter your use of a coffee roaster. I will help you for this as you can check the factors considered while buying a coffee roasters as mentioned below :

Factors to consider while buying a coffee roaster are as follows :

How much are you Roasting?

You have to check how much quantity you are going roast at a time? If you are willing to roast beans for one or two people your batch is small. 

If you are roasting for many people at a time, you can consider it as a large batch. Usually you will roast for a week or for a few days at once. 

Does it have a cooling feature?

A coffee roaster should have a cooling feature in it. If it’s not in your roaster the coffee beans will burn and the taste will become worse.

As your coffee beans, roasting is done we remove it from the roasting machine but the beans are really heated from inside and the beans, in this case, will become a waste. 

How dark do you want ?

It totally depends upon your taste preference. Some people like light roasted beans, some like medium roasted and some want it seriously dark roasted. So, you have to decide how dark you want your beans to be roasted. 

How much control do you want?

The coffee beans should be well roasted as per your preference of taste. This will be only possible when your machine would have more control settings in it.
You can then easily control the temperature, heat, and cooling of the roaster. So, having control is important as well. 

Keeping it clean

The Roaster should be easy to clean. If the roaster is designed very complex you will not be able to clean it properly.

As we are roasting the beans at home to get freshly roasted beans and if the roaster is not clean, then it will be a mess for us to get freshly roasted beans. 

Coffee roaster with a thermocouple

Thermocouples are sensors to control the heat and temperature of the roaster. Through this we can maintain the perfect heat for the beans while roasting them. 


The last but not the least is Affordability. Obviously, we have to consider this factor as one of the major. We have to plan according to our budget for the Coffee Roaster.  

These were some factors which you should consider while you are buying a roaster for your home. 

Now, you can decide well which roaster suits best for your home. I have some recommendations below for roasters. Kindly check.

8 Best Coffee Roasters

We recommend you these Coffee Roasters for your home. Choose as per your use. 

Coffee Roaster Type Price
FreshRoast SR500 Automatic Coffee Bean RoasterAir RoasterCheck Price
Behmor 5400 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee RoasterDrum RoasterCheck Price
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean RoasterCeramic RoasterCheck Price
Nesco CR-1010-PR Coffee Bean Roaster, BlackAir RoasterCheck Price
Time for Treats Nut Roaster Glazing Pan VKP1215Pan RoasterCheck Price
MIGO SR-340 Air RoasterCheck Price
Fresh Roast SR700 Home Coffee Roaster Air RoasterCheck Price
Electric Coffee Roaster Electric RoasterCheck Price


How the coffeol is formed in coffee beans during roasting?

The green espresso bean, similar to different nuts, parts, and beans we expend, is a mix of fats, proteins, fiber, and random different substances.

The smell and flavor that make espresso so unmistakable are available just possibly until the warmth of cooking all the while powers a great part of the dampness out of the bean.

This draws out of the base matter of the bean fragrant little dots of an unpredictable, slick substance differently called espresso pith, espresso oil, or coffeol.

Roasting coffee beans improve which content?

Roasting coffee changes the synthetic and physical properties of green coffee beans into broiled Coffee items.

The cooking procedure is the thing that delivers the trademark kind of coffee by causing the green coffee beans to change in taste.

Thank You Coffee Lovers. 

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