BURNOUT Temperature Regulating 16 oz. Smart Mug – New Pop Top Lid (Black)

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Price: $79.95
(as of Jun 28,2022 17:16:03 UTC – Details)


BURNOUT is an innovative new product that was literally designed by rocket scientists. ThermAvant International specializes in the integration of military and space application heat transfer technology into consumer products. Our first major product to market is a temperature regulating travel mug that operates without the use of electricity using a 100% renewable material called HeatZorb. Branded as BURNOUT, the first version of this travel mug quite literally takes the “burn out” of a scalding cup of coffee. It does this by cooling the coffee from a dangerously high brewing temperature down to the perfect drinking temperature right away. It then holds the perfect temperature range all day instead of cooling off too quickly. It also holds cold drinks ice cold all day. BURNOUT operates using the biobased, synthetic beeswax, HeatZorb, which is built into the wall of the stainless steel tumbler and melts at a very specific temperature. When a hot drink is poured into a BURNOUT, HeatZorb melts in its chamber, absorbing and storing the extra heat, which cools the beverage to the right temperature. Once the optimal temperature is reached, HeatZorb automatically starts releasing that stored heat back into the drink to maintain that perfect drinking temperature all day. In addition to the thermal performance, BURNOUT is dishwasher safe and made at our factory in Missouri, USA. This makes us, to our knowledge, the only stainless steel drinkware manufacturer in the United States. From hunters to skiers and office warriors to truckers, coffee and tea are the lifeline for a large majority of the working adult population. BURNOUT’s Drinknow technology is here with one mission. Fight the fire. Keep the heat.
INSTANT DRINKABILITY. The traditional popular insulated vacuum double-wall mugs keep your coffee hot. Really hot. In fact, they keep your coffee so hot you have to wait for them to cool down. Who wants to wait? BURNOUT was developed by a group of aerospace industry thermal engineers who were tired of waiting. BURNOUT cools your coffee in minutes and helps you enjoy coffee immediately.
NEW LOCKING LID. BURNOUT’s new pop top lid includes better insulation for longer hold temperatures. It features spring loaded lock button for one handed opening on the go and safe storage when not in use. It comes completely apart for easy cleaning.
LIFE-TIME WARRANTY. Burnout is MADE IN USA of U.S. & imported parts and uniquely serialized to ensure its lifetime warranty. Love your coffee – get the BURNOUT! 18/8 stainless steel and dishwasher safe.
NO MORE “LIP” DANCING. Using the science behind our special synthetic thermal beeswax called Heatzorb, you can customize BURNOUT to the ideal temperature. This totally prevents the scalding temperatures that made traditional mugs a possible health risk.
NO BATTERIES needed. BURNOUT’s Drink Now Technology quickly absorbs and stores the extra heat from the coffee, allowing you to drink your coffee almost immediately. The stored thermal energy is then used to keep your coffee at that optimal drinking temperature for hours! No reheating is needed.

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