Brewello Gooseneck Kettle – Pour-Over Coffee Kettle with Built-In Thermometer and Triple-Layer Base (40-Ounce/1.2Liter) Stainless Steel Kettle for Baristas and Home Coffee Brewing Enthusiasts

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Price: $59.00
(as of Sep 20,2021 04:33:00 UTC – Details)


The Brewello Pour-Over Coffee Kettle was designed with you in mind, to make your life easier, and to make the experience of home coffee brewing exciting and enjoyable. Grab your beans, grinder, strainer and accessories. Brewello wants you to be in charge of the quality of coffee you drink every day, with a cordless, authentic percolator experience. The handy silver Brewello Pour-Over Coffee Kettle has a generous 40-ounce (1.2L) capacity. Beautifully designed, with a reliable gooseneck spout and stay-cool, good grip handle, you can effortlessly and safely control the pour. It features a built-in thermometer for accurate temperature control (195-205F) and a unique, rust-free triple layer base. This superior bottom makes the kettle extra durable and suitable for use on all stoves, burners, and ranges: Gas, electric, induction, halogen, radiant, and camp stove. Because it is lightweight and easy to use with the dripper method, you can even take it camping, making the perfect pot of coffee a portable experience. A secure lid and securely welded spout stops leaks and water spilling out from the kettle while boiling (it’s recommended you only fill with 1 liter at a time to prevent boil-over). This ingenious design is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel which won’t rust or stain. Ditch your coffee machine and immerse yourself in the vintage experience of this wonderful beverage when it is properly brewed. This kettle also makes an ideal teapot for tea or other hot drinks that require boiling water for delicious, perfect infusing every time. If you want coffee done beautifully, Brewello can help. Founded by a pair of friendly coffee-lovers and makers, Brewello creates high-quality coffee brewing equipment that allows coffee enthusiasts to enjoy freshly brewed, perfect coffee from home (or wherever you wander). Brewello is all about bringing people closer to the true barista experience in their own kitchen.

BETTER TASTING COFFEE; If you want to make a great cup of coffee or tea at home; having the right equipment is key; This ergonomic kettle heats up fast and is simple to use with a timeless; elegant; easy to clean design; Use this pour over kettle to level up your tasting experience and awaken your inner barista
ACCURATE THERMOMETER; Burnt or under extracted coffee just doesn’t taste nice; This specialty kettle has a built in temp gauge which means no more temperature guessing and it heats water quickly to the ideal temperature; Make a flavorful brew like a pro every time
MADE OF RUST FREE STEEL; Brewello focuses on the technical aspect of products to deliver an outstanding experience; This kettle is engineered with military grade stainless steel; With anti rust triple layer magnetic base and heat resistant; sturdy handle this kettle can be used on any stove type; including induction
CLASSIC GOOSENECK SPOUT; Proper extraction is crucial for a good coffee; The correctly angled long neck pour spout makes pouring very simple and will allow you to control the flow rate; direction and temperature; An essential for the hand drip coffee maker method and great to use with French Press; AeroPress and for BulletProof coffee
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; Brewello offers a solid 100% satisfaction promise with zero risk for you; Our unbeatable support team is always there for you; Choose to drink amazing coffee now and enjoy a free eBook with instructions sent to you after purchase

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