Bottomless Portafilter Faema E61 It comes with the 3 shot 21g filter basket Tamp size is 58mm

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Price: $54.75
(as of Apr 13,2022 21:20:12 UTC – Details)


Bottomless (Naked) Portafilters This bottomless portafilter or naked portafilter fits to the espresso machines. It comes with the 3 shot 21g filter. It helps to control and diagnose extraction of espresso shots and assures a pure espresso with a great crema. Its a amazing espresso accessory for training, because channeling will show you, that the coffee ground is not properly compressed, or it just garanties a perfect show. Bottomless (Naked) Portafilters are for the following espresso machines: FAEMA ONLY Tamp size 58mm.
FAEMA E61 bottomless portafilter for espresso machine
Naked portafilter for best Crema results
naked portafilter for best controlled espresso shots
espresso coffee machine
Joefrex concept-art espresso tools

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