BOMATA Coffee Scale with Timer, 0.1g/3kg USB Rechargeable, Two Timing Modes, Sound Alarm, Pour Over Drip Espresso Scale, Digital Scale for Baking and Cooking

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Professional choiceProfessional choice

Professional -2Professional -2


1. Use the scale on a hard, flat surface & always use and store it in a dry environment.

2. Don’t put the digital scale in water, wipe clean it by a cloth.

3. ml is only for ordinary milk measurement,100ml=102.88g

4. Dimensions: 7.68 x 5.12 x1.1 inch, Weight : 0.77 lbs.

5. Package content: 1*Scale, 1*Silicone Pad ,1* USB Charging Cable, 2*AAA Batteries, 1*User Manual .

BOMATA Coffee Scales with Timer

A cost-effective coffee scale with high accuracy, powerful functions and configuration. You will find it’s more convenient for making coffee and even baking and cooking.

Accuracy of MeasurementTwo Timing ModesSound Alarm Function (! Essential for timer )Dual Power Supply: USB Rechargeable & 2* AAA Batteries(Included)Touch-Sensitive Buttons、Large LCD display with blue backlight、Non-slip Silicone Pad

Resolution/increment:0.1g /0.01oz

Measuring range : 0.5g – 3000g/6.6 lbs

Foward timing:up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds

Countdown:optional for 3-8 whole minutes

5 Units : oz / lb / g / ml / (g/ml)

Multi-function : Tare Function,Auto-Off ( 5min, cancellable ) , Overload Alarm, Low Battery Alarm , Calibration function,etc.

Scales are our main products, and we always put accuracy and reliability as the top priority.

Please note before buying:

1. For all scales, Resolution/Increment ≠ Accuracy, please pay attention to the margin of error.

2. The minimum margin of error for scales with increments of 0.1g is ±0.2g.

3. The weight of a coffee bean is less than 0.2g. Professional enthusiasts who have high requirements for accuracy, please choose scales with increments of 0.01g.

4. Generally, most users, practitioners, and cafes use coffee scales with increment of 0.1g.

The margin of error for the scale is :

±0.2g within a range of 0.5g-200g

±1g within a range of 200g-500g

±3g within a range of 500g-3000g

Accurate WeighingAccurate Weighing

Two Timing ModesTwo Timing Modes

Sound Alarm FunctionSound Alarm Function

Accurate Weighing

Accuracy of measurement :

Increments : 0.1g/0.01oz

Considering accuracy as the most important element, this scale is equipped with high-quality weighing sensors to ensure high precision and stability.

Powerful function :

With Tare Function, Unit Conversion, Auto-Off ( 5min, cancellable ) , Overload Alarm, Low battery Alarm, Calibration function and other modern digital scale necessary functions, it is very suitable for most household uses.

Two Timing Modes

Timing mode: up to 59 minutes 59 seconds

Countdown mode: optional for 3、4、5、6、7、8 whole minutes .

In some occasions such as making French press coffee , the countdown mode, will let you operate more conveniently.

Sound Alarm for Timer:

1. Foward timing mode : an alarm will be issued every 1 minute

2. Countdown mode: After the countdown is completed, there will be a “beep beep” sound for 1 minute.

Sound Alarm Function ( Cancellable )

1. Sound alarm for timer;

2. Sound prompt for touch-sensitive button

The sound alarm function is a necessary auxiliary function of the timer, so that you don’t have to stare at the time on the display all the time.

In addition,feedback from users of other coffee scales without sound prompts indicates that: when operate the touch-sensitive buttons, you may need to wait 1 second to confirm whether the timer has started or not, which is confusing and inconvenient.

"CHAR" means in charge"CHAR" means in charge

High quality Parts and MaterialsHigh quality Parts and Materials

Silicone padSilicone pad

Dual power supply & Rechargeable

Built-in lithium battery & 2*AAA battery

Making coffee requires using a coffee scale for a long time and consumes a lot of power.

Rechargeable is the standard configuration of advanced coffee scales.

1. The built-in lithium battery can be easily recharged and used.

2. It can also be powered by 2*AAA batteries.

3. For long-term use, you can directly plug in the USB cable to use.

No more trouble running out of power.

High-quality Materials

Large LCD display with blue backlight:

It is clear and easy to read even in the dark.

In addition, the displayed text is stable and will not flicker like on an ordinary display. Your eyes will be more comfortable reading those.

Touch-sensitive buttons:

More sensitive, durable, and easy to clean. The panel with touch-sensitive buttons has better waterproof performance.

Silicone pad & Package content

The included silicone pad can be used to prevent sliding, heating and splashing.

It can be used as needed, especially when making coffee, to avoid damage to the load cell caused by overheating.

Package content: 1*Scale, 1*Silicone Pad ,1* USB Charging Cable, 2*AAA Batteries (trial battery), 1*User Manual .

Common problem:Common problem:

Common Question

Q:Why do I slowly add coffee beans one by one, and the weight displayed on the coffee scale will not change?

A:Because the chip program adopts the “dynamic clearing” technology.

This scale is a highly precise and sensitive device. In the case of household use, the surrounding environment will inevitably be affected by slight vibrations, wind, and electromagnet, which will cause the weighing number to change constantly. Therefore, the chip program adopts the technology of “dynamic clearing”: the change of weight within 0.2g will be automatically cleared and will not be accumulated. Only a weight change exceeding 0.2g in a short time will result in a change in the weighing figure.

This is a technology commonly used in advanced coffee scales. A coffee bean usually weighs within 0.2g, so add one by one and slowly, and the weighing number will not respond. Professional enthusiasts who have high requirements for accuracy, please choose a scale with a resolution of 0.01g.

【ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS】 Resolution/increment: 0.1g/0.01oz. Measuring range: 0.5g-3000g/6.6lb. Equipped with high-quality weighing sensor to ensure accuracy and stable. With Tare Function, 5 Units(oz / lb / g / ml / g/ml), Auto-Off, Calibration function,etc. It’s also more powerful for kitchen use.
【TWO TIMING MODES & SOUND ALARM】 Forward timing (up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds), countdown (optional for 3-8 whole minutes). More importantly, it has the sound alarm function (cancelable ) necessary for the timer, so that you don’t have to keep staring at the time on the display.
【DUAL POWER SUPPLY】The built-in lithium battery can be charged via USB. Or the scale can also be powered by AAA battery*2. For long-term use, you can directly plug in the USB cable to use. No more trouble running out of power.
【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】Large LCD display with blue backlight, Touch-sensitive buttons, Buzzer. In addition, it is equipped with a silicone pad to prevent sliding, heat, and splash.
【0% PURCHASE RISK GUARANTEE】BOMATA is committed to creating quality products to optimize your leisure life. BOMATA COFFEE SCALE comes with a one-year warranty. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can contact us to get a refund or replacement.

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