Betterbrew Travel French Press Coffee Maker | Portable Insulated Coffee Press with Plunger for Travel, Commuting and Outdoors | Borosilicate Glass Cup for Proper Coffee To Go! (15 oz)…

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Product Description

Travel french pressTravel french press

Travel coffee pressTravel coffee press

Love good coffee?

Love to travel?

Hate clutter?

Same… We despised having to settle for instant coffee when we were on the road due to luggage size/weight restrictions.

That’s why we, at Betterbrew, created the Travel French Press: Your all-in-one coffee-preparation station!

This features everything you’ll need to prepare, brew, and drink great coffee, all housed in a proprietary sleek, classy Borosilicate Glass (for improved insulation) design.

A great way to minimize clutter in your environment is to use things that can serve the function of multiple separate products all in one: Our Portable Coffee Press is one such product!

Product Features:

Silicone seal for zero leakage

Borosilicate inner construction for excellent insulating properties

Plastic outer shell to allow for cool & easy handling

Extra-long plunger to maximize the amount of coffee you get to drink!

Travel french pressTravel french press

The Betterbrew Story

Betterbrew was founded in the UK in 2019 by Tom. As a coffee and travel lover himself, he could never find the perfect portable, all-in-one travel companion that would allow him to brew great coffee while on his travels.

He set off on a mission to develop a product that would solve that problem for other people in his situation, his work has culminated in what is now the Betterbrew Travel French Press you see before you today.

✅ SICK OF SETTLING FOR INSTANT COFFEE WHEN ON THE GO? – You no longer have to settle for mediocre, instant coffee! Get the ‘proper’ coffee experience you deserve, even when away from home and on the go with the BetterBrew Coffee Press!
✅ MINIMIZE AND REDUCE CLUTTER WITH AN ALL-IN-ONE COFFEE EXPERIENCE – Why should being able to drink good coffee require so many moving parts?! All you need now is our Travel French Press and a healthy serving of your favorite coffee
✅ PERFECT FOR THE TRAVELER/COMMUTER – Preparing good coffee is an annoyance first thing in the morning, we know your pain! Optimize your morning routine with the BetterBrew Coffee Press: It’s as simple as Add Coffee, Add Water, Plunge, Drink!
✅ DOUBLE-WALLED WITH CLASSY BOROSILICATE GLASS DESIGN FOR HEAT INSULATION – Not only does the Borosilicate glass mid-section make for an elegant design, it has excellent insulation properties, keeping your fresh brew warmer for longer

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