The 5 Best Gooseneck Kettles of 2021 [Review & Guide]

Gooseneck Kettle

You can make a Pour Over Coffee with a regular kettle but to get the perfect taste with rich flavors and aroma you need the best Gooseneck Kettle.

This is because Gooseneck Kettle gives you the best control while pouring the water for Pour Over into the filter paper filled with ground coffee.

The Gooseneck kettle is designed best for Pour Over coffee brewing. 

What is a Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

A Gooseneck Kettle is a special kettle designed for brewing Pour Over Coffee.

This kettle is best for brewing pour over coffee, as it gives better control of pouring water to extract the best taste, flavor, and aroma of the ground beans used.

It has a narrow spout and an angular handle to provide us a comfortable control while handling it. 

The Gooseneck Kettle has two variations as Manual Kettle and Electric Kettle.

Types of Gooseneck Kettle

Manual Kettle

Manual Gooseneck Kettle is a kettle that is used on a stovetop to heat the water, tea, or coffee inside it. 

Electric Kettle

Electric Gooseneck Kettle is used by electricity or is placed over an Electric Heater to boil water or Tea.

The Electric Gooseneck Kettle automatically heat the water at the optimum temperature while using it as Pour Over Coffee kettle.

Electric kettle with temperature control is the best to use.

What things to consider in a Gooseneck Kettle?


The first thing to consider while buying a Gooseneck kettle is it should fit in your budget. The Gooseneck kettle comes under the price range of $15 – $200. 

Manual or Electric

The type of Kettle: you can select between Manual Gooseneck Kettle and Electric Gooseneck Kettle.

Manual is best suitable for travelers who stay in those places where electricity is not available and they don’t want to miss their coffee at all. 

Whereas, Electric Kettles can be used easily in your kitchen as well as in your office. It is way much efficient than manual kettle. 

Flow Rate

The water flow rate of a Gooseneck kettle always depends on your preference. Some people like the slower flow rate whereas, some people like it with a faster flow rate. 

However, If you are buying your first Gooseneck Kettle then I would suggest you go for a slow flow rate kettle.

This will help you to learn the brewing for a perfect coffee and enhance your experience. 

If you experience that you are not comfortable with its flow rate you can definitely return it and order for a new one. 

Material and Design

The choice of material and design almost depends on your preference as most of the manufacturers design their Gooseneck Kettle with the best materials and design it like an art and some as a utilitarian. 

You can find lots of designs and colors which will suit your decor of the kitchen and be comfortable to use. 


You can select the Gooseneck kettle which has the most comfortable and easy to use features.

The design should be handy and the handle should have an angle that you won’t come directly in contact with the heat of the kettle. And this could burn your hand. 

The handle should have a proper grip while you handle it. Its water flow rate is an important factor while you check for its comfort level. 


The capacity or size of the kettle is another thing to keep in mind when deciding on a gooseneck kettle. Kettles are available in all shapes and sizes.

The larger ones are very suitable for people who make multiple cups of pour-over coffee at a time (like baristas).

The smaller ones are more suitable for home-users who make one or two cups of coffee.

So, unless you are a professional barista, home users are best off buying a gooseneck kettle with a capacity between 0.5 and 1.2 liters.

Water Temperature Control

When it comes to the best coffee pour over kettle, the ability to control the water temperature is crucial.

The best temperature for pour over coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 – 96 degrees Celsius).

Before purchasing a gooseneck coffee kettle pour over, ensure it’s capable of heating the water to this temperature.

You can even get variable temperature gooseneck kettle options where you have complete control of the exact water temperature, others give you a few options to choose from.

If you have a personal preference, look for this prior to making your purchase.


Some of the best gooseneck kettles come with a range of different settings to make things easier or provide you with some more control when preparing your coffee.

We’ve already discussed temperature controls above, but other functions to consider include things like:

  • Built-in timers so the kettle starts at a certain time. This means you can wake up to water at just the right temperature to brew the perfect pour over coffee.
  • An auto shut off in case you forget to turn the kettle off.
  • A built-in timer to assist with the entire pour over the coffee brewing process.

Best Gooseneck Kettles

1. Bodum Electric Kettle

Bodum Electric Kettle

Bodum Electric Kettle has a slim and extended spout with a compact body and an energetic electric base. The Melior Gooseneck Kettle is as efficient as it is eye-catching. 

This is designed by the experts and is produced keeping in mind the highest standards.

This Kettle is the one you need to get the best experience for pour over brewing technique and enjoy your cup of coffee every time. 

The spout has been differently shaped to give you proper control of pouring the water with the best-required water flow.

This control gives us the best extraction of the bean’s oil with its best taste and aroma. This Kettle is best designed for pour over Coffee maker. 

Key Features 

  • Ergonomic Design for easy water flows control.
  • Made of durable stainless steel with a sustainable cork handle.
  • Handle and knob keep your hands free from the heat.
  • Sturdy base boils water at the flick of a switch.
  • Kettle detaches from base for a cord-free pour.
  • Features indicator light and automatic shut-off.
  • 27 Ounce capacity.

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5

2. Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle

The COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a slightly cheaper kettle.

Getting a modern Gooseneck Kettle in a cheaper price range makes this kettle a good option for the buyers.

It has a modern shape and many people especially love to buy the matte black option of this kettle.

Cosori Gooseneck Kettle has five preset temperatures. Each of the preset temperatures has been labeled with an ideal beverage to be brewed.

You just have to set the preset temperature and let it brew accordingly till then you can sit and relax. This kettle is smaller in size with a capacity of 26 Ounce.

The Kettle’s noise becomes too quiet or stopped when your beverage is ready at some point. However, This is one of the highest-reviewed gooseneck kettles on the market. It’s a wonderful option for tea lovers as well as coffee lovers.

Key Features

Designed in California 

5 Preset Temperatures

Turning off the ready beep tone

Precise Pouring

Quick Heating 

Customer Reviews 

4.7 out of 5

3. Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Variable Kettle

Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Variable Kettle

This Gooseneck Kettle combines all the features you want in a kettle for maximum control and efficiency. 

Definite digital control heats water to within 1 degree and can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit with the push of a button. 

The auto-off function keeps the user safe by shutting down if left unattended for more than 60 minutes. 

The dazzling wood-look accents perfectly accompany a wide array of colors and finishes. The handy 600 ml capacity heats up quickly.

Its narrow gooseneck spout provides amazingly accurate pouring. A convenient designed and balanced handle makes it comfortable to use while making perfect pour over coffee!

Available in dazzling pearl white, brilliant metallic red, sleek gunmetal gray, stunning iridescent, classic brushed stainless and stealthy matte black.

It is an Artisan kettle to match any décor or mood in the home or shop.

Graphic-wrapped handles, lids, and kettle bottoms look and feel like real wood without concern of breakage.

These touchpoints beautifully accentuate any of the colors and give the kettles a warm, approachable look.

Tempered Glass Base Platform

The high gloss black tempered glass base platform hides the backlit touchscreen interface until powered on.

Its high contrast white LED display matches the buttons for a clean look while being easy to read at a quick glance.

Careful consideration has been given to design; the angled sides of the base make it look like it’s floating above your countertop!

Brewista Artisan kettles are more than just a pretty face, they are engineered to meet the demands of baristas and home users alike.

Precise digital control is programmable to within one degree Celsius from 104°F (40 °C) up to 212°F (100°C).

Simply touch the F°/C° button to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius display. Preset temperatures make it quick and easy to find the temperature you want. Precise temperatures are chosen with the + (up) or – (down) buttons.

No need to set a precise temperature?

No problem! Just press the Fast Boil button and the kettle will bypass any previously selected temperature, bringing the water to a boil quickly, thanks to its 1000 watt heating element.

While the kettle is on the base (and not in sleep or programming mode) the display shows the actual temperature of the water inside in real-time.

With the push of a button, its built-in count up timer begins for timing pour overs once your water is ready, no need for a second device.

Key Features

  • Aesthetics
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Graphic-wrapped
  • High-gloss black tempered glass platform

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5

4. Fellow Stagg Electric Pour-over Kettle

Fellow Stagg Electric Pour-over Kettle

The Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle is a 900 mL variable temperature kettle that ticks all the right boxes: it looks great, it’s fast and accurate, it couldn’t be easier to use, and you will enjoy brewing with it.

This is one of the best electric Gooseneck Kettle. A powerful 1200 W heating element combined with a smart PID controller means in no time at all you’ve to have precisely heated water at exactly the temperature you wanted. 

Using the Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle is simple and intuitive: just twist the knob to set your desired temperature, flick a switch for F or C, click the button built into the knob to turn the kettle on or off.

A bright LCD display shows your current kettle temp and set point, plus features a brew stopwatch timer you can use while pouring. 

The Hold function will keep the kettle at your desired set temperature for up to an hour before going into standby mode. After 15 minutes of standby time, the kettle will automatically shut off.

Like the stovetop Fellow Stagg kettle, the EKG features a precision pouring spout and a counter-weighted handle for better pour control.

The flow rate from the spout is perfectly good for pour over brewing, but we found it to be slow compared to the Bonavita variable temp kettle, so it may not be ideal for immersion brews or cupping.

The kettle and lid are made of 304 stainless steel, and the base and handles are made of plastic. Kettle and base are not dishwasher safe.

The Fellow Stagg EKG+ model has a built-in Bluetooth to connect to a mobile app, currently available from either Fellow or Acaia.

With the app, you can turn the kettle on and off remotely, set temperature and hold it for up to an hour, or log your whole brew (Acaia-only).

As of May 2018, only iOS devices can connect to the Stagg EKG+, but Android apps are said to be on the way. To set the kettle into Bluetooth mode, first, make sure the base unit is plugged in and powered on. 

Remove the Gooseneck kettle, then hold down the dial button for three seconds. The words “Bluetooth Enabled” or “Bluetooth Disabled” will appear on-screen.

Turn the dial left or right to select the desired option, and click the button once to save the setting. Enable the Bluetooth on your mobile device, and you’re all set to connect with the app of your choice!

Key Features

  • Simple Aesthetic Meets Powerful Design
  • Precision Engineering
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Brew Like a PRO
  • Full 1-Year Warranty And Outstanding Customer  Service

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5

5. Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

The Bonavita variable temperature kettle features intelligent preset temperatures for professional style pour-over brewing, specialty teas, cocoa, and more.

The 1L stainless steel kettle has a cordless design, with a gooseneck spout and comfort grip handle for precise pour control. 

A preset temperature button accesses common brewing temperatures including 140-degree Fahrenheit, 176-degree Fahrenheit, 185-degree Fahrenheit, 190-degree Fahrenheit, 205-degree Fahrenheit, and 208-degree Fahrenheit. 

There is even a heat & hold setting that brings your water to the desired temp and holds it there while you finish your dosing or let grounds bloom after the first wetting.

Or just hit the boil button and let the 1000W heating base power water to a boil in just minutes. Backed by a manufacturer’s 1 year limited.

When it comes to designing the perfect pour over, finding the perfect water kettle is a must.

This Electric Gooseneck Variable Temperature Kettle boils water at your ideal temperature and pours it right from its curved spout.

The special design gives more control of the water flow and direction. It features a one-liter capacity and has six pre-set temperatures so you can heat water in a matter of minutes–or set your own custom temperature from 140°F and up.

Key Features

  • This Gooseneck Kettle Boiling button prepares boiling water with a single touch
  • Hold button heats and holds at temperatures between 140˚-208˚f for up to 60 minutes
  • It has a Preset temperature button for quick access to common brewing temperatures — preset temps: 140°f (60°C), 176°f (80°c), 185°F (85°c), 190°f (88°c), 205°F (96°c) and 208°f (98°c).
  • Adjustable in one-degree increments between 140˚-208˚f
  • Gooseneck spout for precise pour control

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Gooseneck Kettle?

The Gooseneck Kettle is the best suitable kettle to brew Pour Over coffee. There are few benefits of using a gooseneck Kettle.
The Gooseneck Kettle gives you the best control on the water flow while pouring the water for brewing Pour Over Coffee.
The Gooseneck Kettle is designed with a narrow and precise spout to make the water flow slow and in control and an angled handle to resist you from the heat of the kettle. 
As this Kettle gives us good control over water pouring, we can extract the best coffee flavors and its aroma from the Coffee beans we are brewing.
By using this kettle day by day we can improve our skill and get the best taste of our coffee and slowly we can achieve the consistency of the taste and enjoy our coffee making it perfect. 
The narrow and precise spout of the kettle gives us slow pouring of water on the ground coffee and it results to extract the coffee oil and best flavors of the coffee beans and makes it taste better. 

How to Clean Gooseneck Kettle?

Cleaning of a Gooseneck Kettle is just a simple task if you follow the below-given requirements and instructions.
What You Need
Distilled white vinegar
Scrubby brush (like a bottle brush)
Microfiber cloth
1. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a measuring cup and make a mixture.
2. Pour the mixture into the kettle. Of course, you could pour the vinegar and water directly into the kettle, but if you don’t want to eyeball it, one extra step isn’t so bad.
3. Switch on the kettle and let the solution boil, then turn the kettle off, unplug it, and let it cool.
4. Clean the outer part of the kettle: Dip your microfiber cloth into the mixture and use it to wipe the exterior of the kettle.
5. Scrub the kettle from inside: Use the brush to give the inside a scrub. Make sure you get all the corners!
6. Rinse: Pour out the solution. Rinse with water and pour out.
7. Run a plain water cycle: Boil a pot of plain water once or twice and dump it. This will remove any remaining vinegar odor or taste. Plus, the hot water is good for your drain!

Hope you have enjoyed learning something new and informational from this Blog Post. 

Thank You Coffee Lovers!!

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