The 5 Best Espresso Tampers of 2021 [Buying Guide+Reviews]

Best Espresso Tamper

Do you need an Espresso Tamper? There might be many reasons to buy a new Espresso Tamper for your Espresso machine. To brew a perfect cup of Espresso, you will always need a high-quality tamper. 

Tamping is one of the main reasons to get a proper Crema of Espresso, and crema is responsible to hold the flavor and aroma of the espresso.

Here are the Best Espresso Tampers for a Home Barista. 

Let’s have a quick look on the Best Espresso Tampers

Quick Look into Best Espresso Tampers

1.The Force Tamper

2.Alsainte Espresso Tamper

3.Motta 8350 Barista Coffee Leveling Tool

4.LuxHaus Calibrated Pressure Tamper

5.VD Coffee Tamper – Espresso Tamper

What is an Espresso Tamper?

Espresso Tamper is a tool to pack or tamp espresso coffee grounds into the basket of Portafilters of an Espresso Machine. 

The function of a tamper is to pack the coffee grounds evenly into the basket to get a perfect espresso shot. 

The main thing is tamping converts a loose ground coffee to a tightly compressed cake inside the basket of a Portafilter. 

You might be thinking of why tamping is so important? Let’s understand it. 

Why is Tamping of Coffee Important?

best espresso tamper

The objective of tamping is to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the Porta-filter basket of an espresso machine, as well as to compress the coffee grinds. 

The art of brewing espresso is perfectly done when we pass heated water through the coffee to extract the oils of the coffee in the correct way.

When the coffee is being brewed the water will always search for the way of least struggle on its way to your cup.

 Your aim as the barista should be to ensure that the heated water passes evenly through all of the coffee so that you maximize all of the beans you are using. 

This will give you a perfect espresso with its thick crema and a maximum balance of its flavors and aroma.

Should We Use a Calibrated Tamper?

Basically, A calibrated tamper is perfect for beginner baristas. 

It has a handle that is connected from the base of the tamper with the help of spring in between.

The handle and base connect and ‘click’ when the tamper is pushed to a pressure of 30 pounds. 

It is best for the beginners as well as the professionals as it ensures that you have pushed it with the required force of 30 pounds. 

Thus, you are confident that you have used the correct required pressure on the coffee grinds for tamping it.

Now, Let’s discuss how you can choose a Tamper for your Espresso Machine?

How to Choose a Tamper for Espresso Machine?


Each espresso machine has a size of the portafilter. The size of the Tamper depends on your Portafilter’s basket size.

Most commercial espresso machines have a 58mm portafilter size whereas, some have smaller sizes too.

The smaller size may be around 49mm, 51mm. 53mm and 57mm. 

If you want to make sure the size of the tamper, the diameter of your Tamper and the diameter of the portafilter’s basket matches in size. 


While tamping we do put some force to make the coffee tight in the basket before passing the heated water through it. 

This is done by using a force from our hand that seems like a weight. The force should not be too light nor too strong. 

If the basket is lightly packed the heated water will pass through the basket and we won’t be able to get the perfect coffee with its full flavor.

Whereas, if we push it very strongly then the hot water will not be able to pass through the basket. 

Bottom Shape

Basically, there are two types of bottom shapes of the Tamper – Flat and Convex Tampers.

Flat Tampers have a completely flat surface and the Convex Tamper has a slightly round surface. 

The Flat tamper sometimes if not handled properly, makes an uneven tamp on the basket whereas the Convex Tamper makes an even tamp. 

The Handle

The handle is as important as the base of the Tamper. The Handle is the part where you will grab it, hold it, and handle it to push it to an extent till it gets a pressure of 30 pounds to tamp. 

It’s important to acknowledge the feel, movement, and material of the tamper’s handle.

There are two main types of handle used for the Espresso Tampers i.e. Calibrated and Uncalibrated. 

In Calibrated Tamper the Handle and the Base is separated by a spring in between, when we push the handle the spring compresses and clicks the base.

Whereas, In Uncalibrated Tampers, the handle and base are connected to each other. 


The material used to make a Tamper is very important to get an even tamp. The base is made of plastics, stainless steel, and other metals.

Plastic material is lighter whereas the stainless steel is heavier. Hence, the stainless steel or other heavy metals are good for using as the base of the Tamper. 

The handle is usually made of Plastics, Metal of Wood. If we want a proper grip then wood is the best to be used for the handle of the tamper.

It gives us a better grip and is durable. 


When it comes to the price factor, the most important thing is your budget and the Espresso Tampers are not too high-priced.

So, you can get better quality in your budget. 

You just have to check for the best quality, durable, and compatible with your espresso machine.

The budget should be considered first then the beauty of the tamper. 

The Best Espresso Tampers for Your Home

1. The Force Tamper

The Force Tamper

The Force Tamper has a unique design for coffee tamping with a technology concept and outstanding structure. It is totally different from ordinary tampers. 

This tamper develops a punch jolt by itself totally. The developed pressure will be equal every time without depending on how it is being operated.

You can choose from different sizes of the body available such as  53.00mm, 54.00mm, 58.00mm, 58.35mm, and 58.50mm.

The main benefit of its structure is it requires less stamina consuming and better rearrangements of the particles and it becomes tighter. 


  1. Unique New Design
  2. Perfect Operation Experience
  3. Easy to use for home and commercial usage
  4. The body is made of Food-grade Stainless 
  5. The handle is made of wood.
  6. Different sizes available 
  7. Makes your job easy
  8. Improves the taste of espresso and its body.

Customer Reviews – 3.8/5

2. Alsainte Espresso Tamper

Alsainte Espresso Tamper

Alsainte Espresso Tamper is a double-headed tamper. You can take your coffee brewing skills and style up a chisel with a professional, dual head tamper, and leveler for your portafilter. 

You should do justice with your brew. The ground coffee should be leveled and evenly distributed to get the perfect packed basket of the fine ground of espresso coffee. 

Then twist the 3 leaf clover dial side down 3 times to evenly disperse the grounds. Turn your tool over it and use the flat base palm tamper. 

Packing the grounds tight creates the right amount of pressure for a proper espresso pull. 


  1. Increased height adjustment and base diameter for your comfort. 
  2. Consistent Espresso
  3. Professional Barista tools
  4. 2 Years Warranty.
  5. Compatible with most portafilters of different brands

Customer Reviews – 4.3/5

Easy to use – 5.0/5

Ergonomic – 4.8/5

Sturdiness – 4.8/5

Easy to clean –  4.5/5

Value for Money – 4.3/5

3. Motta 8350 Barista Coffee Leveling Tool

Motta 8350 Barista Coffee Leveling Tool

This Espresso Tamper, Motta 8350 is a product from Motta, made in Italy.

Motta has a wide range of coffee tools and accessories which are present in the coffee cafes and hotels industry throughout Italy and all around the world. 

The Motta products are designed beautifully and distinctive, making them stand out from the crowd in the world of espresso accessories and tools.

All the Motta products are modern designs with better functionality and great quality. 


  1. The Motta espresso tamper evenly redistributes the coffee grounds in your 58mm portafilter 
  2. Helps to produce more consistent Espresso 
  3. Made of Stainless Steel.
  4. Made in Italy. 

Customer Reviews – 4.5/5

Sturdiness – 5.0/5

Easy to use – 4.8/5

Value for Money – 4.6/5

4. LuxHaus Calibrated Pressure Tamper

LuxHaus Calibrated Pressure Tamper

LuxHaus Calibrated Pressure Tamper is a luxury brand that builds high-quality products and services.

The Calibrated Espresso Tamper has elegant lines to always be in style. They make timeless products with detailed care of the products.

As you buy the Calibrated Espresso Tamper you are on the way to brewing the perfect espresso every time. 

It has a 51mm size of the base. You will get a perfect espresso taste. 


  1. Stainless Steel is 100% food safe and rust-free.
  2. User friendly and convenient
  3. Perfect Espresso taste
  4. Professional size – 51mm
  5. High-Quality luxury product
  6. Durable product

Customer Reviews – 4.7/5

Durability – 4.9/5

Sturdiness – 4.8/5

Easy to use – 4.8/5

Ergonomic – 4.8/5

Comfort – 4.8/5

Value for Money – 4.6/5

5. VD Coffee Tamper – Espresso Tamper

VD Coffee Tamper - Espresso Tamper

VD Coffee Espresso Tamper is manually produced. With the highest quality control in production, they make a unique hand tamper with an amazing balance between its weight and size. 

This helps us to tamp the grounds in a better way and enjoy the hearty taste and aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


  1. Espresso tamper body is made of High-quality non-wrought steel Aisi 304.
  2. The handle is made of high -quality durable and valuable wood.
  3. Espresso tamper pressure has smart stability between its weight and size for better compression of coffee grounds.
  4. Espresso tamper is suitable for any shape and size of the hand. 
  5. You can easily clean it with a sponge and warm water. 

Customer Reviews – 4.9/5

Wrapping Up

Coming to the final conclusion, We discussed various topics regarding the best Espresso Tampers

You might be now more confident about the Espresso Tamper to buy.

You just have to select a Tamper for your Espresso Machine considering your budget and the factors which we have already discussed in this blog. 

If you are still confused about which one to buy for you? You can go with my recommendation. I would recommend you to buy The Force Tamper. 


What happens when you tamp espresso too hard?

You should use a downward twirling motion as you come up out of pressing down.

It will continue crushing the grinds even after you remove the tamper from the cup. Tamping espresso too hard can cause over-extraction as well as injure your wrist.

Would you need a tamper for espresso?

The pressurized water from an espresso machine and the resistance from the packed grounds contribute to the flavor of brewed espresso.

To pack the grounds into an espresso machine just right, you’ll need a tamper.

When tamping my espresso, how hard should I go?

Many baristas advise 30 pounds of pressure, but some use just 20.

Tapping pressure can hurt your wrist and cause an over-extracted, bitter brew. Instead, use a twisting motion while pulling the puck up to “polish” it.

What is espresso tampers used for?

Tampers are used to pack (or “tamp”) espresso grounds into the basket of your espresso machine.

For a quality shot, the grounds are packed evenly with the help of a tamper.

Is there a replacement for the coffee tamper?

You can use beer bottles, pestle, and teaspoons to tamp your grinds can make just as delicious a coffee as using our $100-$200 hand-crafted professional tamper.

What size tamper should you get?

To determine your filter basket’s inside diameter, you should use a machined caliper, then choose a tamper slightly smaller than that diameter.

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