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7 Best Coffee for French Press 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

The French press coffee maker is one of the simplest ways to brew your coffee. You have to grind your coffee, add hot water, wait for a few minutes, press the plunger, and get your fruit coffee. The coffee beans play an important role in flavoring your coffee.

Before buying coffee beans for the french press method, we will still ask ourselves which is the best coffee for french press coffee maker? which is the best french press coffee beans? We are here in search of the best type of coffee for the french press.

Here we listed the 7 best coffee for french press coffee maker:

1. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee

Lifeboost Dark roast Coffee beans

Roast level – Dark Roast

Beans type – 100% Arabica

Lifeboost carefully grows, hand selects, and hand roasts the beans to provide you the excellent coffee beans for the french press. These single-origin coffee beans are among the 2% of the coffee beans in the world that are shade-grown. 

Shade-grown means that they are not subject to any harsh rays of the sun. Sun rays won’t interfere in flavoring the coffee and no pesticides are used in growing these coffee plants. In short, shade-grown coffee is pure coffee.

This organic coffee is easy on the stomach that means that it is low in acidity.

  • Lifeboost coffee is carefully cultivated high-quality coffee.
  • These are mountain shades grown with no pesticides used and friendly for our environment.
  • beans are hands selected for purity hand wash and sun-dried to remove any harmful content of moisture.

2. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

Roast level – Dark Roast

Beans type – 100% Arabica

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Single Origin Coarsely Ground Coffee is made up of a hundred percent Arabica beans. These dark roasted beans are roasted and packed in Brooklyn. By the time it reaches your house they are ready to be grounded and Brewed, according to your preference.

The Cold Brew made up of these Colombian beans is low in acidity and bitterness but they are rich in smoothness, slightly sweet, and have a bold and balanced flavor. Cold-brew coffee requires a little more attention to give you a delicious coffee. 

  • Strong and bold flavor making it perfect for cold brew
  • Consistent grind making it good coffee for French press
  • It will work great for cold Brew but won’t work as great with hot coffee.

3. Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Roasted Coffee

Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Roasted Coffee

Roast level – Medium Roast

Beans type – 100% Arabica

Ethiopia is the origin of coffee and it still produces some of the finest rich unique coffee in the world. Ethiopian coffee has fruity flavors with the hints of blueberry in some of their best beans.

Each crop of Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe harvested from wild coffee trees has floral and fruity tones. This coffee has notes of ripe strawberry, dark chocolate, lavender floral notes, and the aroma of cedar. This medium roast is a typical dark roast which makes it best beans for french press

  • Unique has organically grown Ethiopian coffee 
  • A complex origin and a tropical flavor with a pleasant aroma.
  • Medium-bodied with brilliant acidic which have floral fruity tones.

4. Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted

Roast level – Dark Roast

Beans type – 100% Arabica

The Colombian, Guatemalan, Brazilian, and Sumatran beans are blended to create Koffee Kult’s gourmet coffee. These whole beans are roasted at Koffee Kult facilities in the US. This is one of the good coffee for the french press

These coffee beans preserve the natural flavors. It includes hints of spicy-sweet cinnamon and cocoa. The bright and smooth taste of the finished brew will last long on your tongue. It is rich in taste, bold but smooth in flavor, full-bodied coffee whole beans. 

  • High-quality gourmet beans
  • Dark roast without any bitterness making it of high quality
  • Best coffee to use for french press and cold brew

5. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

Roast level – Dark Roast

Beans type – 100% Arabica

Peet’s Coffee has been producing coffee since 1966 based in the San Francisco bay area. One of its favorite productions and a most loved batch of beans are major Dickson’s blends.

Peet’s Major Dickson’s coffee blend will give you a balanced and smooth cup. Its dark roast is rich, smooth, complex, and full-bodied with multi-layers.

Major Dickson’s light roast is mild and smooth coffee. The medium roast is smooth and aromatic. The dark roast is more smoky and full-bodied. The dark roast of Dickson’s blend is perfect for the French press.

  • This batch of coffee is affordable
  • Beans seeds are grown in the world stop growing region with a heavenly aroma
  • Beans are roasted by hands and quality is checked before shipping each bag of the whole beans is marked with its roast date
  • Better go for whole bean version rather than pre-ground version

6. Primos French Press Specialty Coffee

Primos French Press Specialty Coffee

Roast level – Medium roast

Beans type – premium quality Arabica

For a fair shot go for primos french press specialty coffee. These Nicaraguan beans are shade-grown and hand-picked before they make their way to Texas for the roasting part. They are medium roasted before they reach their customer.

This coffee has hints of citrus and an overall sweet flavor. This is low in acidity coffee. Grab the whole beans and grind them into coarse coffee grounds, brew them for the market quality French press. It is one of the best ground coffee for the french press.

  • This company is family-owned and operated for 4th generation
  • Strong and robust flavor with a luscious aroma
  • can be too mild for some drinker but this one will work great with ice coffee too.

7. DEATH WISH COFFEE Whole Bean Coffee 


Roast level – Dark Roast

Beans type – Premium Arabica and Robusta

This death wish coffee is known as the strongest coffee in the world because of its perfect blend of beans that create a dark, highly caffeinated, and bold blend of coffee.

This coffee brand has double the strength more than other brands but doesn’t worry about bitterness it doesn’t have any bitterness or high acidity. The coffee is roast in a small batch to make sure freshness, consistency, and, quality.

Death Wish Organic Coffee has a taste of cherry and chocolate. It is smooth, without any but bitterness, and low in acidity.

  • Super strong coffee without any bitterness
  • Can be bought as pre-ground or in whole beans
  • Good for French press as well as a cold brew.

How to find the best coffee for French Press Coffee Maker?

The key to getting the best coffee beans for the French press is to invest in the quality of the French press. The other key is to find the best coffee grounds for the french press.

Whole beans or Pre-ground coffee?

Always go for the whole means and try to stay away from pre-ground coffee. The pre-ground loses its freshness very quickly. Go for a whole bean coffee grab a burr grinder and grind it immediately before brewing to get the freshness in your coffee

What is the right amount to be used for the french press?

You can customize your drink by using the amount of ground and the length of steeping time.

In the beginning, you will make a lot of errors because the experience is required to balance out the french press drink. Too much, coffee makes you wake up for the whole night. Too little, the coffee will not make you feel like coffee.

You can start by using a 1:10 ratio that is one part of coffee and 10 part of water. This will produce a mid-strength brew that suits everyone’s flavor.

Types of roast

Light-roast: Light roast coffee beans will be noticeably acidic with a grainy and light-bodied taste. These are dry beans with no oil on the surface.

Medium roast: like lightly roasted coffee beans medium roast is also dry without any oil.  The flavor of a medium roast is non-grainy with more body so these are smoother and more balanced with balanced acidity.

Medium-dark roast: these beans will have noticeable oil on the surface. It has a slight flavor of spice and the coffee produced will be smooth and balanced in taste with less acidity.

Dark roasted: this roast is shiny on the surface due to the oil present in them their acidity level is low. These roast taste full-bodied and robust with a smoky flavor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best grind for french press coffee?

The coarse, even grind size is best suited for the French press.

What kind of roast do you use for a French press?

The type of roast you will choose will play an important role in flavoring your French press. 

The time and the temperature at which the beans are roasted plays a huge role in flavoring your coffee. Choosing the roast first depends on your personal preference. 

When it comes to roast for use in French press brewing method, in general, medium-dark roast or dark roast most suitable for it.

The best coffee grinder for the french press?

French press coffee needs coarse ground which means that you need a grinder that will grind your beans coarsely. A burr grinder is best suited. Check here to find the right grinder for you.

How to make French press coffee?

1. Boil the water to fill in the French press
2. Grind your beans better to have coarse, even grinds
3. Pour  the double amount of water than coffee into your coffee ground
4. Give a gentle stir.
5. Allow it to sit for around 30 seconds.
6. pour the remaining water
7. Allow it to steep for about  four to five minutes
8. Plunge your coffee 
9. If you are done with pressing, serve your coffee immediately.

If your plunge is hard to press then it means you grind it too fine. If the plunge easily goes down to the floor means that your grounds are too coarse.

After you are done with pressing do not let your coffee sit for a long time because it will lead to continuing brewing and over-extraction which results in a change of flavor.


 In the end, we always ask which is the best coffee for French press coffee maker? At first, It’s really hard to shortlist them. Coffee is a personal choice everyone has different taste buds so their personal preference also differs. 

Here we bought you the 7 best coffee for the French press for you so you can easily choose out of it your best.

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