AZFUNN Auto Pour Over Coffee Maker Filter Coffee with Water Tank Steel Mesh Filters, Drip Coffee Brewer Maker Automatic Brew Coffee, Single Cup 6 oz

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Product Description

pour over coffee makerpour over coffee maker

Coffee is indispensable in everyday life. From the morning when you wake up to the end of the night, you must drink a few cups of your favorite coffee every day. It is also our first choice for entertaining relatives, friends and VIPs, and serving important people around us with a cup of strong and mellow coffee.

If you want to make a delicious cup of coffee, it is a test of each of our brewers’ skills. Whether you choose filter coffee, espresso machine, moka maker, french press, clever coffee dripper or electric coffee maker, it needs your careful care during the coffee making process, and then guess the speed of pouring the water and distribute the water evenly. , How much water to add, whether the rotation is enough or the temperature control, the timing, etc., can only taste the rich and delicious coffee after all these are completed accurately.

Our AZFUNN auto pour over coffee maker is a simulated hand-made coffee maker. Add boiling water and you only need to wait for 3 minutes, or read a document, or chat for a while, and you can get a 6oz cup of smooth and delicious coffee.

Coffee DripperCoffee Dripper


No standing around waiting to add more water—–The boiling water is poured into the water tank from above, and distributed evenly into the coffee powder through the drip hole at the bottom.

Make the coffee even and more saturated—–Boiling water is injected into the coffee powder at a uniform speed to distribute the water more evenly and extract the rich aroma of all the coffee powder.

No need for careful care—–In the process of brewing coffee, you don’t need to guess the speed of pouring water, even distribution, how much water is added and whether the rotation is enough, etc. These problems, auto pour over coffee maker will help you solve these problems.

steel mesh filterssteel mesh filters

drip coffee makerdrip coffee maker

Clever Coffee DripperClever Coffee Dripper

coffee makercoffee maker

Step 1.

Pour the ground coffee powder into the filter. It is recommended to add 10 grams of coffee powder to make the brewed coffee more mellow.

Step 2.

Put the filter with coffee powder back into the main unit.

TIPS: The silver side of the main body is facing up, do not turn it upside down, or the filter will not rotate.

Step 3.

Press the main body’s start button to start the rotation system.

It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

Step 4.

Pour boiling water into the water tank, and you will be able to enjoy smooth and fragrant coffee in about 3 minutes.

Pour Over Coffee MakerPour Over Coffee Maker

pour over coffeepour over coffee

Drip coffee makerDrip coffee maker

water tankwater tank

AAA battery powered

The pour over coffee maker uses 2 AAA batteries to drive the rotation of the filter, no need to connect to a power source, and it is convenient to carry.

Lower lip groove design

The lower lip of the main body is designed with a groove, so that the pour over coffee maker will not slip off the coffee cup during use.

It is suitable for coffee cups whose opening diameter is larger than 2.3in and smaller than 3.9in.

Water tank with scale

The water tank has a capacity scale for easy reading. You can easily control the water consumption every time you brew coffee and make delicious coffee.

EASY OF USE: This pour-over coffee maker can free your hands. It can replace the process of making coffee manually. With it, you no longer need to stand and add water, just wait quietly, and a cup of 6oz coffee only It will be cooked for you in 3 minutes.
WITH WATER TANK: The brew pour over coffee maker comes with a 6 ounce reservoir. just pour your water in the top and it drips through small holes down onto the coffee in the cone, at a metered rate. It also helps the water to distribute from the drip holes, thereby Saturate the coffee evenly. This way you don’t need to stand there waiting to add water!
REUSABLE STEEL MESH FILTERS: The filter is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, which is durable and has a fine mesh. The brewed coffee will not have coffee powder, and the coffee is smoother and mellow, avoiding adulteration with cardboard taste.
PRECISE CONTROL OF COFFEE: The ontology has a built-in rotating system, which will drive the coffee filter to rotate at a uniform speed so that the boiling in the water tank is evenly distributed in the coffee powder. During the rotation, the coffee powder and the boiling water can be in contact for a longer time and more saturated (Requires 2×AAA battery, not included).
STABLE V& WON’T SLIP: The lower lip of The pour over coffee maker is designed with a groove, which will not slip when placed on top of the coffee cup. As long as the opening diameter of your coffee cup is greater than 2.3 inches and less than 3.9 inches, it can perfectly match your coffee cup, so you don’t have to worry about it falling when you brew the coffee.

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