ANVENTI 40oz Stainless Steel Pour-over coffee kettle&Cloud shape-Long Mouth Drip Gooseneck Kettle Coffee Pot

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This pour-over coffee kettle/maker is light and easy to use. Under the performance of water control , it is suitable for making pour-over coffee lovers. At the same time, it is also very easy to clean, and some housewives also don’t worry about that being able to use this product well. Reasonable size, and small footprint, easy to store. Use caution 1. Do not use it with full water, the water volume is lower than the practical capacity. Injecting too much water can cause the boiling water to splash and cause scalding. 2. Do not boil dry, and do not boil water without a lid. It is easy to cause the handle temperature to be too high. The handle is made of resin, and it is easy to deform if the temperature is too high. 3. When the water is boiling, the temperature of the handle is too high, please use heat insulation gloves to remove the kettle to avoid burns. 4. In the process of boiling water, in order to prevent harm to children, please do not let children touch the body of the kettle. 5. Do not heat in microwave or oven Maintenance Precautions 1. If water is stored in the pot for a long time, it may rust. Please keep the pot dry when it is not applicable. After cleaning the pot, wipe off the residual gouache with a sponge or towel and store it dry. Stains containing oil fume and other stains will also form rust. 2. For better and more effective heating, please wipe the place where the bottom of the pot is soaked with water.
304 food safety grade thickened stainless steel, BPA free and rust-proof, quality assurance, safe drinking water. The cloud-shaped pot body design has a thick feel, highlights the sense of lines, and enhances the aesthetic sense of vision. Smooth curved surface, easy to clean, not easy to accumulate scale. Can be heated in any fire source, such as induction cooker, gas stove, electric heater, radiant heater, halogen heater, mosquito coil electric stove.
The spout of this hand-brewed coffee maker has been carefully designed, with a long mouth and a fine filter, making it easier to control the water flow. The water flow is uniform, which is more suitable for some novices to practice hand-brewing coffee. The size of the water flow can be controlled at will, the larger the inclination angle, the faster the water flow rate. The large capacity of 40oz is enough to brew about 10 cups of coffee and 8 cups of tea.
Each part of the pot body is tightly fitted, strong and reliable. The lid has three air vents, which can prevent the lid from being opened due to the high pressure in the pot, and the second function is to exhaust air to prevent the falling boiling water from being scalded. The handle and the pot body are precisely welded, so they are not easy to fall off.
The handle and lid are wrapped with phenolic resin, which can isolate high temperature and prevent burns. The streamlined coffee pot handle design conforms to the ergonomic design, making the palm fit the surface better and better control the water flow.
ANVENTI’s classic cloud-shaped pour-over coffee maker is the choice of all baristas and pour-over lovers. Enjoy fine coffee and enjoy life at ANVENTI. Product quality assurance, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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