Acid Reducing #4 Cone Filters for Pour Over and Drip Coffee Makers, The Better Coffee Filter (30)

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Product Description

Cone Coffee GroundsCone Coffee Grounds

The Acid Reducing Coffee Filter

The Better Coffee Filter is the first and only reducing coffee filter, now available in Cone #4 size. Our patented blend of organic minerals is incorporated directly into the fiber structure of the filter, allowing you to brew a less acidic, great tasting cup using your favorite coffee.

Coffee Round TableCoffee Round Table

Cone Filter RedCone Filter Red

River RocksRiver Rocks

Sunset CoffeeSunset Coffee

Lower Acidity

We were tired of dealing with heartburn and stains on our teeth every time we wanted enjoy a cup of coffee. We tried low acid coffee beans, low acid instant coffee, and decaf coffee, but missed using our favorite coffee beans and brew methods. So, we decided to create our own solution.

Great Taste

Our signature mineral blend does more than just reduce acidity. A panel of CQI Q graders are currently performing blind taste tests with The Better Coffee Filter Cone #4 filter compared to a standard cone #4 filter using the SCA gold standard certified OXO brewer.

Inspired by Nature

Just as nature makes spring water alkaline through natural mineral deposits, our filters do the same for your coffee. The mineral blend in the filter acts like those mineral deposits, reducing acidity as the coffee is brewed and passes through the filter.

Engineered for You

The Better Coffee Filter was carefully designed by our team of Georgia Tech and Stanford engineers to balance the acidity, taste, and extraction in your final cup. We are constantly innovating and incorporating our mineral blend into new filter types, so be sure to follow our Amazon store and stay up to date on new products!

Engineered to reduce the acidity of brewed coffee by 33% via a patented organic mineral blend built into the filter paper
Perfect for coffee lovers who suffer from GERD, heartburn, or general gastrointestinal discomfort
Works with any coffee bean, blend, or roast
First advancement in the filter market dedicated to reducing acidity
Filter is 100% compostable. Manufactured via an elemental chlorine free whitening process
Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA
Created by our team of Georgia Tech and Stanford engineers

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